YouTube star gets 10 years in jail for encouraging minor women to send him raunchy videos

YouTube vocalist Austin Jones has actually been sentenced to 10 years in jail for asking minor women to send him raunchy videos of themselves to show that they’re fans.

In 2017, he was jailed on 2 counts of production of kid porn. Jones confessed to attracting 6 minor women to make adult videos of themselves and send them to him, according to a plea contract The women were as young as 14.
He pleaded guilty in February, and on Friday, United States. District Judge John Z. Lee sentenced him to 10 years in federal jail.
” Production and invoice of kid porn are extremely major offenses that threaten the security of our kids and neighborhoods,” Assistant U.S. Lawyer Katherine Neff Welsh stated in the federal government’s sentencing memorandum. “Jones’ actions took something from his victims and their households that they will never ever have the ability to return.”
To get the videos, Jones informed a few of the women “to ‘show’ they were his greatest fans,” that they “became part of a modeling chance, which he might help them in getting fans on Instagram,” the Department of Justice stated.
Jones confessed utilizing Facebook to encourage small women to send him adult videos and images roughly 30 other times.

He messaged women as young as 14

Even prior to his arrest, Jones had actually come under fire for his interactions with young fans. In June 2015, he published a 16- minute YouTube video in which he looked straight into the cam and confessed that he utilized to ask fans to send him twerking videos.
” Absolutely nothing ever went even more than twerking videos,” he stated. “There were never ever any nudes, never ever any physical contact.”
Jones was very first jailed in June 2017 at O’Hare International Airport and questioned in a taped interview, the grievance states. He waived his Miranda rights and confessed to utilizing Facebook to have raunchy chats with minor women, get specific videos from them and see those videos for sexual enjoyment.

He advised them on what to state

A federal criminal grievance points out 2 circumstances of Jones messaging teenage women to send him specific videos of themselves dancing.
In one example, Jones messaged with a lady who informed him she was 14 years of ages. Jones supposedly asked her to send out videos of herself dancing in a sexual way and described it as a “try” and a “chance.”
According to the grievance, Jones advised the women on how to shake or “clap” their butts and expose themselves in videos for him.
” At the start, get very close and state these lines: hey Austin, it’s (name) and this butt is (age) years of ages and after that make it clap for 30 seconds. Got it?” Jones composed on Facebook to the woman, the grievance states.
She eventually sent him about 15 videos of her dancing, consisting of 10 videos in which she exposed herself, the grievance states.


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