Woman Turns Up For Nail Art Appintment Two Days After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

Nails salons are gradually re-opening nationwide with precautions for the ongoing pandemic. Numerous countries, including their states, require safety kits such as wearing face mask a mandatory thing. And regardless of the aforesaid phase, privately-owned businesses are equally free to set their own strict guidelines. Turns out, some people are downright selfish to themselves and to the people living around them.

Just recently, a manicurist took to social media to reveal how one of her clients got her nails done despite knowing she’s tested positive of the deadly virus. The client, who tested positive two days before her appointment with the manicurist admitted she desperately needed a manicure and couldn’t just let it go.

Taylor, 26, from Washington took to social media to reveal how one of her clients got her nails done despite knowing she’s tested positive of COVID-19


The nail artist, Taylor, 26, from Washington uploaded screenshots of their text exchange on Facebook and instantly it went viral, garnering reactions and comments. Also shared on The Shade Room Instagram Page, Taylor was infuriated with the woman for placing her health in danger over a simple manicure.

‘I feel really bad and shouldn’t have shown up for the appointment. But I desperately needed my nails fixed. I was tested positive for the deadly virus two days, hence kindly quarantine yourself.’ The unidentified client wrote. Responding, Taylor wrote: ‘I questioned you before getting here if you’ve been exposed to the virus. You have known that I am immune-compromised and officially I wasn’t supposed to accept your appointment if you did.’


The unnamed client responded: ‘I was really desperate to get out of the house. I was quarantine. I am deeply sorry, but I also needed my nails done so badly. You saw how bad they look!’ The Shade Room Instagram page has, however, garnered over 10K comments with many of its users insisting Taylor presses charges and gets the client arrested.

Fortunately, Taylor took heed to users’ advice and reported the women. In an update on Instagram, Taylor appreciated everyone for their support and encouragement. ‘Let’s keep on being good to others. Let also kick out the virus. For every person who commented, the woman has been reported. Thank You.’ Taylor added.

Source: Dailymail