Woman Posts About Missing Dog On Facebook And Finds Another Woman Trying To Sell It

Every 4th of July news outlets everywhere release pieces on how to keep your dogs safe during the firework-filled holiday. In some cases, regardless of how their owners prepare some dogs still run off, frightened by the noise, however for one couple their dog was gone even before celebrations began.

This year a woman posted to Facebook that in the hustle and bustle of celebratory preparations for Independence Day, her boyfriend’s Husky Sansa had escaped from the yard. She wrote a description of the missing dog, in the hopes that someone had seen her – turns out someone had spotted the gorgeous canine, just the wrong person. A woman had seen the lost dog as an opportunity to make a profit and put a for-sale ad up on the internet.

The post, now deleted, caught the attention of the internet who jumped to try and bring the crook to justice.

This 4th of July a woman posted on Facebook that her boyfriend’s dog had gone missing – in the hopes, someone had seen her

And as it turns out, someone had found the Husky – but instead of looking for the owner had put it up for sale. People recognized the animal immediately

Later in the day, the status of the dog had switched to sold

But she hadn’t been sold. The owners found her, thanks to a neighbor boy, and retrieved the Husky

People in the comments were shocked by the story