Woman Gets A Note On Her Car From A Neighbour Who Had Slept With Her BF

Getting to know of a partner’s infidelity can deal a heartbreaking blow to any person and it’s even worse when you get to find out through a semi-anonymous note.

Such is the ordeal one anonymous woman had to go through when she received a harsh note from her neighbor revealing that her boyfriend had cheated and even went ahead to criticize her for her dirty car.

The note, which was left on the woman’s windshield was photographed and posted on the Neighbors From Hell Instagram page. It explained that the neighbor knew about the boyfriend’s infidelity because she had acknowledged sleeping with him herself

Neighbor Admitted Having Sex With The Other Woman’s Boyfriend And Left Her Apartment Number

‘FYI I f***ed your boyfriend,’ it reads in all-caps red marker. ‘He said you were broken up. I live in 5D.’
The semi-anonymous note was written on a piece of notebook paper with the words ‘Stuff To Do’ pre-printed at the top.
To add insult to injury, the woman who appears to live in the same apartment complex, also decided to include a few ‘to do’s’ to her message at the bottom of the paper.


She Also Advised The Woman To Dump The Man and Wash Her Car

“1) Wash your car,” the neighbor wrote. “2) Dump him (not in that order).”
Both bits of advice seemed like good-honest ones, though it does seem like an unnecessary bit of shaming on the part of the woman who left the note.

The Instagram post immediately went viral amassing over 11,000 likes, with commenters praising the neighbor for telling the note’s recipient about her bad boyfriend.

Honestly this is the kinda neighbor I would like to have,’ wrote one.

‘If be happy to get this message in this way. Obviously I’d be heading over to 5D with a bottle,’ said another.

‘I’d appreciate the tip about the cheating boyfriend but mind your business about my car,’ said one more.