Trump campaign releasing Hunter Biden ad as Joe Biden accepts nomination

The Trump campaign plans to release a new digital ad targeting Hunter Biden Thursday, the same day his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, will accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, the campaign confirmed to Fox News.

The campaign ad, part of a seven-figure buy, will focus on Hunter Biden’s dealings with China while his father was vice president, suggesting he used his father’s position for personal profit.

Part of the ad, which will run on YouTube, shows a reporter asking Hunter Biden if negotiations for a joint investment fund with a Chinese bank took place during a 2013 flight with the vice president for a Bejing trip they took together.

The younger Biden said in an interview last year business never came up on the Bejing flight and said he was on the trip because of his daughter.

In July 2019, the president asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a private phone call to investigate Hunter Biden’s involvement with Ukrainian oil company Burisma and in the fall he told reporters he thought China should also investigate the Bidens, “cause what happened with China is just about as bad as what happened in Ukraine.”

Hunter Biden’s work with Burisma has come under scrutiny after Trump alleged that Joe Biden inappropriately used his diplomatic influence in Ukraine to help his son.

The ad also broadly paints Joe Biden as pro-China. “While China was crippling America, Joe Biden was standing up for” Beijing, the ad, first reported by Politico, says.


Trump’s Ukrainian phone call eventually led to his impeachment on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges. He was acquitted in February.

No evidence of wrongdoing has been found on the part of either Biden and both men deny the allegations. Hunter Biden has since pledged to avoid business deals with foreign entities if his father becomes president.

The Senate has also been investigating Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine.

Trump’s own children have faced scrutiny over allegedly using their positions in the White House for personal business profit.


For example, Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser, received several Chinese trademarks for her personal business in 2018 while dealing with Chinese officials through her White House role.

A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump’s ethics attorney said at the time she applied for the trademarks in 2016 “to prevent others from stealing her name and using it to sell their products.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.