This Restaurant Manager Is Firing People For Refusing To Pay For Meals They Dont Even Eat And Its Infuriating

It’s not unheard of for employers to abuse their authority over their staff. However, some of them take it too far, making their actions not only unethical but in some cases even illegal. Take for instance Gary, who’s an owner/manager at one of the Golden Corral restaurants in Ohio. Last year, one of his employees posted Gary’s “meal policy” on Imgur under the username theweby.

The “meal policy” made commenters really angry because it states that every employee must pay $4 for a meal on each work day. Sounds like nothing to be angry about, right? Well, according to theweby, Gary doesn’t care whether you eat any food from the restaurant or not, you still have to pay.

Theweby wrote in their post: “UPDATE: The manager/owner has retracted the letter for revisement. All other info is unknown at this time. I have messaged GC on multiple platforms with no response back.. This man needs to get out of the city.. This isn’t the first time he has tried something like this

Okay folks, this is complete bullcrap.
Golden Corral last week, per the manager / owner Gary that all employees have to pay $ 4.00 per day for meals.

Whether you eat there or not, regardless if you are fasting for religious beliefs, regardless if you eat elsewhere, or you are not hungry that day.

Golden Corral will take $ 4.00 out of your paycheck for every day you work.

As some servers sometimes do not get a pay check because of tips, they still have to pay $ 4.00 day.

They do not care, they will take $ 4.00/ out of your pay check without your permission

Gary is firing people for refusing to pay this.

Let’s make them famous, and not eat there anymore.”

For most people, this policy seemed to be neither fair nor legal