This Mother Of Two Needed Help During A Flight So 3 Random Strangers Stepped Up To Help Her

Having a child is not easy, having two is even harder, and traveling with them without any help is practically impossible. No matter how strong and smart a mother is, she could always use some help from others, so it’s our duty to notice when mothers are struggling and offer an extra pair of hands. Besides, we all know that it takes a village to raise a child! Recently a tired mother in Dallas, Texas received some selfless help from a nearby woman.

Recently, mother of two Becca Kinsey was boarding a flight with her sons

Image credits: Becca Kinsey

She was traveling without her husband Blake so she had to take care of everything on her own

Becca later explained that the journey was so difficult that she was almost on the verge of crying before boarding the plane. In the airport, her sons Wyatt and James were exhausted and they kept screaming the entire time.

After her difficult journey ended, she took to Facebook to share a heartwarming post about the experience

With 127 thousand shares, Becca’s story is quickly going viral, and she wants to give back. The mother of two is asking people to support a “Kidd’s Kids’” organization that aims to help kids with life-threatening diseases. This organization brings severely ill children to a 5 day trip to a Disneyland so they can forget their worries at least for a bit and actually feel like children.

Many people fell in love with Becca’s story