This Engineer Is An Actual Wall Expert And She Just Destroyed Trumps Wall Proposal In One Post

Debates across the U.S over President Trump’s border wall finally came to a head in December, resulting in the longest government shutdown in U.S history. And while the partisan issue has mostly swirled around ethical and economic issues, engineer and court-accepted ‘wall expert’, Amy Patrick has entered the ring with a different point – a structural one.

Engineer Amy Patrick is a court-accepted ‘wall expert’ so she set out to explain why Donald Trump’s wall was not a feasible project

Image credits: Amy Patrick

In a detailed Facebook post gone viral, Patrick laid out from an engineering perspective why the wall is “a disaster of numerous types waiting to happen.” No matter what side of the aisle you fall on, you can’t help but realize that if anyone knows what they are talking about on this issue she’s that person. Scroll down below to read each one of Patrick’s concerns from architectural to ecological, as well as people’s responses.

Image credits: AFP

She began her post by laying out her impressive credentials

Then laid from an engineering perspective why the wall was doomed to fail

People appreciated her expertise