This $400,000 House Being Sold In Texas Might Be The Weirdest House Youve Seen Yet

They say to each their own, which is why as respectable adults we should not judge other’s choices. But you’ve got to admit – some things are so ugly they have no business being out there and deserve to be roasted online. That’s what happened to these (probably) nice people who were just looking to sell their house online. However, due to the sometimes harsh Internet culture, things took a different turn and now everyone and their mother now knows about this ranch-style house in Texas and we think, that you should, too.

This seemingly nice house in Texas was put up for sale for $400,000

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The description for it seems rather mundane: “Large 4 Br/2 Ba Ranch style home in Leisurewoods. Kitchen and walls painted custom by owner. Detached converted garage, detached office, pool, green room. Large living room/den, and formal dining plus breakfast nook. Furniture is negotiable. Huge lot with mature trees. Historical Texans burial plot in [the] front yard. One of a kind, artistic home with lots of great features.” However, we’ll be honest – the historical Texans burial plot in the front yard has us creeped out just a bit.

As you move to the living room, you feel as if you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole

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Pink, so much pink everywhere we swear we can almost taste cotton candy just looking at this room. Also, do you think the sofa was put here just for decorative purposes? Judging from the number of cushions put on it, it certainly doesn’t seem to be inviting anyone to sit down and relax on it.

A rabbit hole that is full of floral patterns

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This one hurts our eyes just a little bit. A painfully overwhelming amount of porcelain figurines, paintings and drawings that are making us dizzy.

Even though the look of the living room is toned down a bit, it continues with the busy theme of the interior

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Let’s be honest – it looks like Laura Ashley catalog was chewed up and vomited all over the place. Oh, you said you like decorative cushions? We’ve got loads of them! Plant lover? We’ve got plants on all of the three tables, a dresser, and even the walls.

The other corner of the room is just as decorative and is full of carpets, lamps, and plants

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This room is the ultimate dream for a hoarder with a touch of OCD – there are so many things in here it’s hard to breathe just from looking at it. However, all the figurines, lamps, flowers, candles and plants are all placed strategically and lined up neatly.

The kitchen is a prime example of how far the hobby for decoupage can go

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There are so many odd features, we’re not even sure where to begin. To not get overwhelmed, let’s focus on the fridge first. Have you ever seen a decoupaged fridge? Well, now you have. And there’s even a nice cabbage for you on the stove that goes perfectly with motifs on the fridge.

And it went really far, way too far if you ask us

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Have you noticed the tassels dangling down from the drawers? They certainly add that je ne sais quoi to an almost plain-looking kitchen. If it wasn’t for the tassels, the place would definitely lose part of its charm. Luckily, we also have a lot of decoupage going on here and even a leopard fur-patterned lamp to go with a little leopard-y box.

Luckily, the owners spared the dishwasher – but you could decoupage that later too

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But wait – there’s more! In case the kitchen is not enough decorative for you, the owners of the house put up some decoupaged plates right by the ceiling so that when you microwave your chicken nuggets you can stare at the beautiful flower compositions.

The master bedroom is equally as impressive as the rest of the house

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What else would you expect? Well, certainly not a bunny-shaped bedside table lamp, that’s for sure! It really brings out the pinkness of the drapes and beauty of the paintings with religious scenes.

But we saved the best thing for last, so take a look at the master bathroom

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Isn’t it marvelous? The interior is so well thought-out, even the curtains go with the hand towels. Of course, let us not forget the heart-patterned wallpaper and a scribble above the mirror, that says “faith,” so you won’t forget what it’s all about when you brush your teeth half-awake on a dreadful Monday morning.

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