Someone Is Photoshopping Animals Everywhere And People Want More

Some people are such huge fans of the natural world that they keep seeing animals everywhere they look. One of these people loves animals so much that they photoshop them onto random objects and post them on the ‘Animals in Things’ Instagram page. The results are striking.

If you love animals and all things cute, grab yourself a hot cup of tea or some popcorn, and start scrolling. Upvote your fave animalized things, and let us know what you think of the photoshopper’s work, as well as which pieces, in particular, you loved best and why. And if you know any fellow animal fans, send them this list to brighten up their day.

We reached out to the founder of ‘Animals in Things’ and here’s what they had to say: “I love animals and I love designing. I had a bit of free time recently and so it felt natural for me to use that time productively and finally marry these two things together. @animalsinthings is the product of that!” Scroll down for the full interview.


Miloaf Of Bread


The Royal Octobrella


Bear On Guard

The creator of the ‘Animals in Things’ Instagram page also has its own subreddit, r/animalsinthings, which they moderate and go by the moniker Staffell. The sub has over 340 fans, while the Instagram page has more than 4,100 followers who are eagerly waiting to see the photoshopper’s newest creations.

Bored Panda wanted to find out Staffell’s favorite animals, but they explained that they “love all animals equally” and can’t pick a favorite. “However, my mum would disown me if I didn’t say Ruby the Yorkshire Terrier is undeniably the best creature on the planet.”




A Red Appowl


Ape Rees-Mogg

“I don’t exactly remember the first time I started using Photoshop! I learned Adobe Illustrator initially by passively observing my dad around the age of 15. I guess learning Photoshop was just a natural progression from that over the next few years.”

Staffell continued: “I’ve only really used Photoshop in a hobby capacity, so it’s been quite a relaxed learning process and at my own pace, rather than a matter of challenges and pressure. There’s a million tutorials on YouTube for any problem you might face.”


The Great White Zep


Seal The Deal With Some Ice Cream


Giraffe Bread

They also had some helpful advice for those of us who might be new to Photoshop. “Without question, get involved in some Photoshop contests and have fun with it! In particular, I learnt most of my skills via Reddit’s /r/photoshopbattles. I’m sure there are others out there.”

“I run an escape room and design puzzles for a living,” Staffell revealed more about themselves to Bored Panda. “As well as animals and designing, I like exercising, gaming, spicy food, coffee, and absolutely nothing else.”




Egg Sheeran


Mount Bertie

“Whilst the main focus is fun images, I plan to use the account to raise awareness for various animal-related issues that I feel strongly about and feel others should too. Also, I’m keen for people to know that I love to collaborate, so if anyone has any ideas and would like to get in touch, please DM me via Instagram.”




That’s Gotta Sting


Dusty Old Mabel

The fact is, ‘Animals in Things’ is making some large waves on the internet, especially on Reddit. For example, the edited picture of Meghan Markle holding an octo-umbrella above Prince Harry got over 105,000 upvotes. This means that the future for both the Instagram page and the subreddit is looking to be bright and peachy since there’s a demand for such content.




An Animal In An Animal In An Animal



Now, the vast majority of us love animals and enjoy visiting them in real life and looking at photos of them on the internet (totally not during work or class, nope). But this raises the very serious question of protecting species from going extinct. Otherwise, pictures on the internet are all that we’re going to have left.

The Endangered Species Coalition explains that we ought to learn about endangered species in our local area first, protecting those animals who are within our reach. The Coalition also notes that “the best way to protect endangered species is to protect the places where they live” and urges people to volunteer at nature centers, wildlife refuges, and elsewhere.


French Bulldoggplant


The Banana Frog Is A Species Of Frog In The Family Hyperoliidae


Ursus arcoconutos Horribilis





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