Professor Cooked 4000 Years Old Dishes And Shared How They Looked And Tasted

With the lockdown rules and regulations, a lot of free time at hand has been granted to humans. People have learned how to bake banana bread, haddogs, and many others, which of course came out incredibly. It appears some people have taken the aforesaid to a whole next level and one of them is Bill Sutherland.

Bill, a professor of conservation biology at the University Of Cambridge recently decided to cook meals from the recipes of nearly 4000-Year-Old, carved on a Mesopotamian tablet. Shared on Twitter, the results went instantly viral with professor bill admitting it’s the best Mesopotamian meal ever eaten!’

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Bill Sutherland, A Professor At Cambridge Cooked Meals From The Recipes Of Nearly 4000-Year-Old

Professor Bill’s Babylonian Dinning Entailed A Loaf Of Bread And Four Intricate Dishes

In an Interview with BoredPanda, Professor Bill shared more insight into his Mesopotamian cooking experience. Bill revealed he heard about the recipes from a real expert on Mesopotamian culture, identified as Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid.

After this, he purchased a book hinged on the Yale collection and thought it would be best to try and cook them. ‘This meal took about an hour of planning and a couple of hours cooking. Presently, an estimated 3.7million people have seen this.’ Professor Bill said in disbelief.

The Simple And Delicious Stew Of Lamb With Sharp Edge

Accordingly, Professor Bill revealed the instructions were confusing and astonishingly brief as he had to improvise and make guesses amid cooking the recipes.

The Tuh’u Looked Stunning & Was Filled With Flavor

‘You possibly wouldn’t consider the recipes odd if served to you. They all had lots of onions, coriander, garlic, and even leek. For the lamb stew recipe (my favorite), I spread a couple of cakes in and it turned into a sweet thick stew. Who would need a restaurant if you got these?’ Professor added.

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Fortunately, There’s A Book Dedicated To Babylonian Collection

Reacting, Internet Users Found The Recipes Quite Interesting