Photographer Exposes The Truth Behind His Perfect Photos (30 Pics)

We binge on shiny Instagram feeds of “perfect” people and, admit it, sometimes we want it to be us. They make it look like they are living their best lives and they are always the best version of themselves. We want those glamorous photos of our own that will get the deserved recognition and appreciation. The grass is greener on social media and it’s a sign of the times. But when we look around or in the mirror – we don’t seem to have the opportunity for that flawless shot. But what if we told you that you can make it work? It‘s creative ideas and talent that really count here and this photographer has it all. Orlando-based Geo Leon makes the photography industry a little more real and accessible to us by revealing the behind the scenes of his best shots. And if you think it’s always luxury rentals and expensive equipment… well, you are about to change your mind.


When we look at professional photographs, we rarely get to have a glimpse of the whole creative process. We often just assume that a beautiful photo must be taken in a fancy place and it must cost a fortune. And this is not always the case. Geo Leon proves that you can turn casual locations you’d never expect to have potential, such as a parking lot, a grocery shop, the nearest park, a restaurant or even your house into an Instagram-worthy set. Staying creative and open-minded can create a magical atmosphere for an artistic photoshoot in the bushes or fruit and vegetable aisle.




American photographer Geo Leon cleverly combines unexpected locations with ordinary props that we use in everyday life to create unique portraits and each one of them tells a different story. With creativity being his best ally, Leon is able to seamlessly incorporate foods, flowers and various objects into his dreamlike scenarios and make it seem like they belong there perfectly. He makes it look so simple and easy. But the actual secret behind his enchanting work is mad skills in composition and photo editing as well as a special ability to see greatness in the most simple settings.




“As a photographer, we always show the final product. It’s always great to showcase the work behind the vision,” the artist explained about why he decided to share more than just polished photos. This honest way of managing social media seems to attract a big audience and is quickly becoming a new trend. In this oversaturated world, people are longing for something real and truthful. This is exactly why 140k followers on Instagram stand by Leon’s side and anticipate his new inspirational artwork.




We have previously talked about other photographers who similarly invited us to the secret behind-the-scenes of their impressive artwork. Calipatria-based photographer and graphic designer Calob Castellon and Brazilian wedding and family photographer Gilmar Silva have shared their work-in-progress pictures along with unbelievable results. They prove that professional photoshoots are definitely not always what they seem – and we’re not just talking about the amount of Photoshop involved. From hilarious environments to dangerous tricks and smart solutions, we applaud these talented photographers for being brave enough to reveal the raw backstage of their work.