People Rescue A Litter Of Pit Bulls, Notice That One Of Them Has Cinnamon Roll Ears

The world is full of sad stories about neglected animals that were left alone without any food or a proper home. Unfortunately, no matter how hard various shelters and organizations try to stop this terrible behavior, people still manage to abandon all kinds of adorable pets that could be a great new addition to somebody’s family. And even though these unfortunate stories make you doubt your faith in humanity, there are some people in this world who try their best to help the poor animals that desperately need our love.

Recently an organization called Pit Sisters found out about ten abandoned puppies

The adorable puppies desperately needed to be taken care of, since all of them were dirty and infected with worms.

Pit Sisters is an organization that was created 7 years ago. “Our mission is to educate, advocate and rescue dogs with no voices,” Pit Sisters

But one puppy stood out from all of them, and her name is Cinnamon

For unknown reasons, Cinnamon has adorably shaped ears that remind people of cinnamon rolls. After the shelter shared her photos online, it quickly started receiving a lot of attention. “We did not expect Cinnamon to get so much attention but we sure are glad that she did.”

At only 5 weeks old, Cinnamon, as well as her brothers and sisters, needed immediate health care

Luckily, Cinnamon has been adopted by a loving and caring family that already has three adorable puppies

Now she is 8 weeks old, has a loving family, and her sad experience with neglectful owners is in the past.

It is clear that many people quickly fell in love with Cinnamon and her adorable ears