People Are Sharing Their Unusual Bathroom Designs, And Here Are 52 Of The Best Ones

When you visit somebody’s home, you can tell a lot about who they are as a person from the things they have to the way everything’s designed. But have you ever walked into someone else’s bathroom and thought to yourself, “Holy cow, this is amazing/horrible!” and wanted to stay there forever or leave and never come back?

Well, we’ve collected some of the most interesting and weirdest bathroom design pics to both inspire and terrify you from the Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group!

Who wouldn’t want to have a gilded bathroom that looks like it’s from a palace? Probably the person who has psychedelic bathroom tiles everywhere that make our eyes hurt. There are some basic rules when it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, but not everyone’s aware of them.

#1 I’ve Been Seeing Endless Photos Of Bathrooms And I Was Like Wait My Bathroom Is Cool Too

Image credits: Kimberly Caruana

#2 This Is My Bathroom In My Apartment, The Mirror Bathroom! Even The Countertops Are Mirror!

Image credits: Krissy Renèe

#3 My Great Grandparent’s Upstairs Bathroom. This Was My Favorite Room! I Always Said That I Would Keep It The Same If I Ever Were Able To Own It. I’m Sure It’s Not Everyone’s Taste

Image credits: Carissa Reilly-Weedon

For instance, California architect Dylan Chappell points out that one of the first things that you should think about when remodeling your home and relocating your bathroom is whether or not there’s a window or a skylight there. Natural light makes the room more pleasant to be in. Not to mention that having a window helps prevent mold building up from all the damp.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that when you open your bathroom door, the toilet shouldn’t be the first thing that you see. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of owning a home with enough space to build the perfect restroom or two separate restrooms, one with a toilet and another one with a sink or shower. But it’s definitely something that we should be aware of.

#4 My New Home, I Bought This Because Of This Bathroom!

Image credits: Laurie Steele-Slaughter

#5 Our Bedroom Has A Master Bath Attached, That’s Hidden Behind A “Painting” Door. Makes For A Good Panic Room As Literally No Visitor Has Figured It Out Without A Prompt

Image credits: Cassandra Bader Dupre

#6 Are We Sharing Unbelievably Ugly Bathrooms? I Got Y’all Beat. Satan’s Bathroom. Even The Ceiling Is Black!

Image credits: Toriander Colbrunn

Chappell writes that “Bigger isn’t better; better is better. Whether you’re designing a large master bathroom in your dream home or trying to figure out how to squeeze in an extra bathroom for your growing family, the most important aspect of your new bathroom is that it has a great design that functions efficiently for your specific lifestyle.” In other words, focus on quality, not size.

“The truth is, great design is less about how a bathroom looks (although it’s always nice when it looks fantastic) and more about how it works. Great design translates to a house that functions better, costs less to build, is more efficient to maintain and gets you more for less,” Chappell added, stressing that at the end of the day, a bathroom is all about function. Though it can’t hurt if it looks amazing (or at the very least… interesting)!

#7 The Window Is Covered Over With A Rainbow Reflecting Window Cling

Image credits: Olivia Dupont

#8 Metallic Zebra Print Wallpaper And Cow Print Plush Curtains Ps: This Is In A Basement And Those Are Fake Windows

Image credits: Kell Nelson

#9 This Is My Parents. Instead Of Changing It When They Bought The Place, They Just Embraced It

Image credits: Sarah Carter-Leiterman

#10 I Also Didn’t Care For It When I Bought This Place 30 Years Ago, But I Ended Up Decorating Around It

Image credits: Willow Carver

#11 When We Moved House And Walked Into This Bathroom Our Mouths Dropped. We Had Never Seen A Roman Bath In A Rental Before

Image credits: Cameron Olson

#12 We Have Rental Properties. One Of Our Tenants Put Contact Paper Everywhere

Image credits: Bonnie Schelts

#13 My Moms 1929 Original Bathroom In Her House. The Shower Was Redone But They Saved Most Of The Tile To Redo It. The Floor Of Course Is Not Original In The Shower

Image credits: Ayla Fisher

#14 The Real Estate Lady Said “I Would Keep The Subway Tiles, But You Can Easily Paint Over That Crazy Blue!” What?!? I Love The Bright Yellow With This Blue!

Image credits: Trina Matteau Holub

#15 Thrifted Bathroom

“The bath was a swap for a table and chairs. The rack inside the bath I found in a friends back yard. The fireplace on the left was salvaged, the plants were all gifts. The white glass panel with a mirror came out of a skip, the horn was in the attic, the boat was a gift from a friend who had been left it by an uncle and they didn’t have a home for. The sink was a skip find, the rugs from charity shops and finally Gingerbollox the cat who was on Gumtree.”

Image credits: Katie Fletcher

#16 My Old Bathroom. Complete With A Hand Painted Mural Of A Cat And A Gold Rimmed Sink

Image credits: Sonia Myers

#17 Our House Built In 1939 Came With This Crazy Under The Stairs Bathroom We Call The “Mole Hole”. There Are Three Steps Down Into This Powder Room. It’s Kind Of Fun Directing Our Guests To It After They’ve Had A Bit To Drink

Image credits: Beatrice Kerr

#18 Here Are The Untouched Seventies Bathrooms In My New House

Image credits: Sarah Balentine

#19 Our 1978 Mirrored Gem! So Much Brown!

Image credits: Sara Duhrkoop

#20 My Grandparents Built This House In 1985 And I Bought It 2 Years Ago. This Is My Favorite Room! (All Except For The Pink Carpet)

Image credits: Sarah Monte

#21 Meet The Psychedelic Orange Bathroom. Corner Toilet, Stuccoed Walls, Wondrous Wallpaper, Orange Formica Vanity

Image credits: Fredrika Loew

#22 It All Started With The Antique Galvanized Wash Tub Found In A Junk Store That I Turned Into A Sink Set In My Old Dining Room Buffet Now Repurposed As A Vanity

Image credits: Regina Raichart

#23 This Is Our Guest Bathroom In Our Mid-Century Ranch

Image credits: Melissa Coward

#24 My Parents Pepto Bismol Bathroom

Image credits: Megg Lamm

#25 Carpet Steps Up To The Throne! Sunken Jetted Tub That So Loud The House Rumbles. Mirrors Hung So Low I Can’t See Top Of My Head

Image credits: Heather Trimble

#26 My Grandparents Half-Bath. Which Eventually Functioned As A Painting Studio For My Grandma. I Think She Was Obsessed With Owls

Image credits: Abigail Andresen

#27 Chicago Bungalow Circa 1930. Beautiful Pink Crackle Subway Tile. I Would Never Change It!

Image credits: Jennifer Yager

#28 This Is My Lavender Bathroom. The Waif By Keane Is One Of My Favorite Thrifting Finds. One Of My Sons Says She Stares Right Through His Soul. I Had No Idea Where I Was Going To Put Her Until We Redid This Bathroom

Image credits: Amy Grimley

#29 My Bathroom. People Either Love It Or Really Hate It

Image credits: Chalise Walker

#30 The Bathroom In Our Rental Property. It Had A Maroon Toilet Too But It Was Broken And Had To Be Replaced With A Boring White One

Image credits: Bianca Sasha Moore

#31 This Is The Bathroom In My New Home. Think It Was Done In The 60s

Image credits: Kelly Wodyka-Jones

#32 We Bought This House Last Year. The Previous Owner Was A Set Designer. The Stained Glass Window Comes From The Disney Channel “Cinderella” From Around 2001-Ish. My Friend Calls It “The Porn Bathroom.”

Image credits: Robin Kalmus Lutsky

#33 Mine Is My Favorite Room In The House. 1910 Victorian

Image credits: Lora Davis Winkle

#34 Sunken Tub With Original Vomiting Swan Hardware And Zen, Rock-Garden Alcove

Image credits: Maggie Bee Crowley

#35 This Was Our Bathroom When We Moved Into Our House! This Is The Main Floor Bathroom. It Was A Custom Color! And Yes, That Is Green Shag Carpet!

Image credits: Sarah Long

#36 You’ve Seen The Lavender Bathroom. You’ve Seen The Lime Green Bathroom. I Humbly Add My Jarringly Bright Sunshine Yellow Round Kiddie Pool Sized Bathtub!

Image credits: Leslie Fahey

#37 Here’s Our 1950’s Bathrooms. We Bought Our House Almost 16 Years Ago

Image credits: Kathy Keys Osborn

#38 We Purchased A House A Few Years Back And Here’s The Master Bathroom Decorated By The Previous Owner

Image credits: Kat Johnson

#39 After A Month Living There We Started Not Noticing The Yellow Roses Anymore

Image credits: Claudine Wilson

#40 I Present To You: The Toilet Next To A Toilet. To Date, We Are Not Entirely Sure Why It Was Designed Like This. 2 People Can Poop And Hold Hands. Thankfully, We Are Not To That Point In Our Relationship

Image credits: Andi Groomer

#41 Here’s My Guest Bathroom. My Home Was Owned By A Magician, So The Whole Theme Of Things Is Very Extra In Here

Image credits: Lyssa Browning

#42 This Is The Bathroom In The House That My Grandmom Grew Up In. It’s In An Old Village In Italy

Image credits: Caren Meehan Trimby

#43 Here Are The Untouched Seventies Bathrooms In My New House

Image credits: Sarah Balentine

#44 Couldn’t Miss The Opportunity To Show Off Our 80s Bathroom

Image credits: Laura Stein

#45 I Love This Bathroom & Never Considered Changing It – It’s A Wig On A Footstool- The Cat Loves It & Enjoys Sitting There

Image credits: Dash Cole

#46 Top To Tail Pink Marble Tile, Pink Granite Counters, And Pink Floors. It Was Definitely A Major Reason That I Picked The House. The People Who Lived Here Before Me Did Nothing But Upgrade And Improve This Place For The 20 Years They Owned It, And It Shows

Image credits: Dee Steam

#47 Here Are The Untouched Seventies Bathrooms In My New House

Image credits: Sarah Balentine

#48 I Present, The Red Bathroom

Image credits: Alan Ezra Plater

#49 My Grandparents’ Home Built In The Mid 1940s And Everything Room Had A Color Scheme. Unfortunately This Is The Only Photo I Still Have Of The Downstairs Half Bath. But That Wastebasket Even Had Pink Bunnies With Flowers That Matched The Wallpaper

Image credits: Chloë Akers

#50 I Personally Dislike This Bathroom. But! The Rest Of The House Is Lovely Now That I’ve Painted It All For The Landlord

Image credits: Kayla Aldridge

#51 Here’s My Batman Bathroom That Was Pieced Together Through Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Antique Stores, And Craft Fairs

Image credits: Michael Alan Sue

#52 The Wall Are Texture Crocodile. And The Towel Holders Are Faux Taxidermy Animal Faces. I Also Have A Large Cow Skull Painted In A Gold And Copper Metallic That Has Studs And Spikes On It

Image credits: Danyelle Donaldson