People Are Sharing The Ugliest Things They Have In Their Homes (30 Pics)

Admit it – you probably have an ugly thing or two in your home that you don’t throw out just because. It could be an ugly antique brooch you inherited from your great grandmother or a cheap plastic toy you had since you were a kid – for some reason you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of it and it just sits there collecting dust on your shelf until it’s to pass it on to someone else.

A little while ago, Guy Kelly, AKA Brainmage on Twitter, asked people to share some of the ugliest things they have in their homes and the results did not disappoint. Guy started by posting an ugly Diesel watch he accidentally won in a competition and soon enough people joined in, posting everything from ugly paintings to creepy dolls. Check out all the ugly things people have in their homes in the gallery below!

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Twitter user Brainmage recently asked people to share some of the ugliest things they own

Image credits: Brainmage

Image credits: Brainmage


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