My Son Turned My Life Upside Down, I Illustrate It In 20 Honest And Funny Comics


My name is Luba Sobol. I’m an artist and a young mom from Russia.

I started to draw comics based on my experience of being a mother when my son was 9 months old. He is my first child and I never imagined that being a mom is such hard work!

But as it turned out, you can have quite a lot of fun even when your life is turned upside down by the little man. When you sink into your daily routine, the best you can do is laugh. I laugh at situations and at myself and it helps me to stay afloat in this sea of merciless motherhood.

At first, I used a smartphone for drawing. It wasn’t comfortable because of the small screen but I couldn’t use other drawing tools because my baby required maximum attention.

Now, my son is almost three years old and I feel relieved. He doesn’t spend all the time in my arms, he can play on his own, he can say what he wants and he can make jokes although he doesn’t realize when he says something funny.

My comic strips are mostly based or inspired by real stories that occurred in our family. So it’s funny how so many people see themselves in my comics.

Maybe these stories happened in your family, too! Anyway, I hope you will enjoy!


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