My Most Recent Creations That Resolve Issues Which Do Not Exist

Matt Benedetto signing in –– the web’s preferred unneeded creator, with my most recent developments that resolve issues that put on truly exist. You might discover any among these developments perhaps helpful however I can ensure they are totally unneeded. I have actually invested a previous couple of weeks thoroughly crafting each creation from my style studio in Burlington Vermont!

Nobody was requesting for these developments to be developed, however, I have actually taken it upon myself to bring these developments to life –– whether you like it or not.

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Avocado On A Stick™

Now make your preferred treat quicker than ever in the house or on the go… on a stick!

Conserve time every early morning with your preferred breakfast meal


Nowadays your fingers require to make it through a complete day texting on your smart device so it’s more crucial than ever to get a real complete body exercise. Construct muscle and burn calories in your fingers so they are all set to go whenever!

The Century Battery charger

Satisfy this revolutionary 100 foot long iPhone Lightning Charging Cable television. Whether you are roaming around your home, heading to your next-door neighbors, or simply functioning– simply take a couple of minutes every day untangling any knots to be charging anywhere and all over.

Food Drape™

Enjoy your 5-star meal in total personal privacy.

Connect this individual drape to your nose to cover your mouth throughout any meal and never ever fret about chewing with your mouth open.

Rapidly move it open throughout discussion or a telephone call with ease.

The FingerBeanies

Eliminate those cold fingertips when you are out and about!

Slip among these relaxing beanies over each finger and prevent hazardous frostbite.


You no longer require to be humiliated when utilizing your older design smart device that plainly still has an earphone jack.

This convenient keychain slides straight in to discretely conceal it when you simply wish to simply seem like everybody else with an iPhone X.


Stand your ground whether you are stuck in a typhoon, holding your location in a crowd, or simply refraining from doing anywhere anytime quickly!

These suction cup platforms connect to any among your preferred shoes. Kick those sticky circumstances bye-bye!

The BurritoTrough

Whether you are on the go or having a lazy day, rapidly and quickly fill on your preferred Mexican meal.

Delight in a tasty burrito hands-free! Don’t forget the Guac!

Not all Creations are Ineffective –– Some Conserve the World, Have A Look At Our Playlist of Great Inventions!


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