Mom Of Two Explains What It Feels Like To Be Sober For Two Years And People Instantly Relate

We have all been to situations where we don’t want to do something, we know why but just can’t be bothered explaining ourselves to everyone else, knowing that would sure suck us in an endless conversation about the decision and ain’t nobody got time for that, right?

Therefore, it really takes courage to expose yourself in sensitive topics and even more so, when you’re doing that on the Internet. This didn’t put off this brave mom of two, Celeste Erlach about an issue many can relate but rarely speak of and the Internet loves it. This is not the first time she’s drawn attention to serious issues parents face though.

This is Celeste Yvonne – a writer, Instagramer, marketing guru and most importantly a mom of two

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In her blog, she mostly writes on parenting in an excruciatingly honest manner that every parent can relate to. She also tries to bring awareness to social issues that are usually kept under wraps. Her latest topic of quitting drinking has drawn a lot of attention since her decision to talk about it publically.

About a year ago she decided to go public about being “alcohol-free”

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In an interview, Celeste said she made the decision to quit drinking completely in December 2017 after realizing she couldn’t be the mom she wanted to be with three glasses of wine in her system almost every evening.

And her sobriety post went viral

Not drinking had a huge impact on her family life

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Her relationships with her kids and her spouse have absolutely grown. “I’m less distracted and I’m more present. I still get angry, I still get frustrated, but I don’t experience the tremendous guilt that came with over-drinking around my family. I don’t worry my kids would always remember me with a drink in my hand, and then as they grow up my own worry about what kind of effect that would have on their own decisions as adults. ”

It wasn’t an easy decision to go public about it though

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It took Celeste a year to go public with her decision to stop drinking. But it was all worth it as she is now getting messages every day, thanking her for bringing awareness to this and talking so openly about her own journey.

She has advice for people tackling similar problems

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The mom of two admits she was very reluctant to talk about her decision to quit drinking in the first year but now she feels more confident about it every day. Despite believing that “No” is a complete sentence, she admits people are fascinated with a person’s choice to not drink, and a “no” response often gets volleyed back with a “how come?” Her recommendation is saying “it’s for personal reasons” and changing the topic. “But as I become more confident, I’ve discovered it’s a lot easier for me to say “I quit drinking a year and a half ago and it’s the best decision I ever made.” I love my success story and it’s exciting to share my journey with others. ” she adds.

And refuses to be a member of “mommy wine” culture for any longer

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Sometimes it may seem moms, in particular, are being targeted by alcohol companies through advertising and in social media with the so-called “mommy wine culture.” and it’s dangerously effective. Celeste herself admits having used the “mommy wine” memes and jokes as justification to her overindulgence and definitely feels like the minority now that she’s not drinking. “Almost all my mom friends drink and swear by their wine. The difference between them and me was I never wanted to stop with just one drink,” she told Bored Panda.

Women on the Internet could instantly relate