Man Smashes His Car Into A Road Sign After Noticing A Spider Inside The Car

Sighting a spider can freak out a lot of people, to the extent of even slamming vehicles in whatever is on the way. Besides, are you aware that seeing spiders inside vehicles have caused severe accidents? A recent incident on the aforesaid came from an island in England.

A man reportedly smashed his car into a road sign after sighting a spider in his car. The man, who was traveling in Wootton, Isle of Wight was so freaked out at noticing the spider and tried to remove it. But his attempt resulted in lost control and the smashed of his vehicle right into a road sign.

A driver drove into a road sign in Wootton, Isle of Wight, when he spotted a spider in his vehicle and tried to remove it

The man only grieved minor injuries but sadly his gold hatchback smashed over the road sign and bust its bumper and bonnet. Reacting, police authorities at the Isle of Wight cautioned drivers of the disruption shared in a Facebook post.


‘Our ARV/Colleagues had a tight afternoon. They are presently dealing with the car on Kite Hill in Wootton. Kindly bear in mind that when passing through this road, the traffic might be quite slower until the car is removed. This driver was specifically trying to remove a spider from his car at the time of this incident. We are, however, excited that the driver has minor injuries. Always keep your eyes on the road as there might be distractions amid this time of the year.’ The police officials warned.

A lot of internet users, on the other hand, saw a hilarious side to the incident, commented, and shared similar stories. ‘It’s nice to see you have shared this on the internet.’ User Kevin Saunders commented.