Latest Food Trend: People Grilling Whole Sunflower Head And Eating Them Like Corn On The Cob

Ever thought about grilling a whole sunflower head before eating them like corn on the cob? Well, if you haven’t, it becoming a thing gradually. Quite a number of brave people are attempting to normalize the ingestion of the sunflower.

A clip shared by the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, based in Mansfield, Missouri showed the grilling of the sunflower appeared pretty easy as all that’s required is the removal of all the flowers and coat with oil before chunking it faces down onto the grill or barbecue. Thousands of people have reacted positively, sharing their opinions on the unusual use of the well-recognized sunflower.

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People are grilling whole sunflower head and consuming them like corn on the cob

Turned out, a lot of adventurous cooks admitted they were keen to attempt the inventive use of the sunflower, while a few showed to be less convinced. To prepare the dish, the baker company showed that the sunflower must be selected when the seeds have formed while still maintaining its soft shells. All of the petals were equally removed and it’s coated in oil from a jar of sun-dried tomatoes before it was placed on a hot grill.

Garnering over 2000 comments and an estimated 10K shares, the chunk sunflower was then covered and left to cook for 5minutes before being coated in basil and sun-dried tomatoes.

Foodies reacted saying they’ve never considered eating the head of the sunflower but would certainly try it out. ‘I so much love sunflower seeds but I have never thought about eating them like this.’ User Maja Roberson said. Marilyn Smith added: ‘I have tried all sort of exotic food but I never have imagined eating sunflower-like grilled corn.’