Kim Kardashian West Seeks Empathy As She Opens Up On Husband Kanye West’s Mental Illness

Sharing a message about her husband Kanye West and mental health, Kardashian West via her Instagram Stories admitted West had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder since 2017 and revealed it’s been awesomely complicated and painful for a lot of people to comprehend.

Specifically, West had looked all distressed amid a recently held rally in South Carolina for the position for President. During the rally, West was filmed crying on stage as he acknowledged he and Kardashian West had earlier planned on terminating their first child, North West. He went on to make controversial fake comments on abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

Going forward, West equally shared a series of concerning tweets, many of which were deleted. In one of his viral tweets, he claimed Kardashian West had forced him into going for a mental health treatment against his will. And in a second tweet, he revealed he had been trying to divorce his wife and indeed branded both Kardashian West and Mother Kris Jenner as White Supremacists.

In A Release Shared To Instagram, Kardashian West Opens Up About West’s Bipolar Disorder, Revealing How Challenging It Has Been Keeping The Complicated Issue Private

Instagram: @kimkardashian

‘As many of you are aware, Kanye has a bipolar disorder. Anyone who has this or perhaps has a loved one who does, surely knows how complicated and painful it is to comprehend. I’ve never spoken about it publicly, especially on how it has affected our home. I am very protective of our kids and West’s right to privacy when it comes to issues regarding his health.

‘But finally, I feel like I should talk about it due to the stigma and misconceptions surrounding his mental health. People who understand mental sickness or compulsive behavior know the family is powerless unless a member is recognized a minor.’

‘It’s unknown that this experience can be quite judgmental and people who doesn’t understand it doesn’t known that the individuals themselves have to participate in a process of getting assistance regardless of how friends and family try for them.’ Kardashian West explained.

Kardashian West Married To Kanye In 2014 Has Four Children. Kardashian West Explained She And Other Family Members Are Powerless In Forcing Kanye Into Getting Assistance Since He Isn’t A Minor

Instagram: @kimkardashian

She added: ‘West is brilliant but a complicated being. On the top pressures of being both an artist and a black man, West has experienced the painful loss of his mom and had to also deal with the isolation that is caused by his bipolar illness. People who are close know his heart and understand his words at times don’t align with his true intentions.’

Here’s The Full Released Statement On West’s Mental Health

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