‘Karen’ Mistakes Customer For A Worker, He Handles The Situation Hilariously

It’s really often to see buyers abuse their power as customers and make employees’ day a hell. Just because they’re helping you doesn’t mean they became your slaves. They are simply paid to do their job and all you have to do is simply be a human being that understands they’re not your personal maid.


Apparently, one of these ‘Karen’ customers met Reddit user u/Wiggle_it_loose. It was unfortunate for the Karen but definitely made the day better for thousands of others as he shared the story on the internet.

More info: Wiggle_it_loose/Reddit


“Douchebagette didn’t like my answers to her questions even though I was relentlessly honest.”

So, we’ve often mistook people as workers in a shop because of how they look and that’s okay. It’s not like we’re degrading them or anything because having a job that pays is never going to be bad. But for someone to think it’s perfectly fine to be rude because you’re an employee? And not apologizing for having mistaken someone for it? Wow.

Congratulations, ‘Karen DB’, you went viral.