It cost Facebook $22 million to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe in 2018

San Francisco (CNN Company) Keeping Mark Zuckerberg safe is pricey.

” He is associated with Facebook and, as an outcome, unfavorable belief concerning our business is straight related to, and typically moved to, Mr. Zuckerberg,” stated the filing.
Like lots of rich CEOs, Zuckerberg gets the main income of $1 a year. He likewise did not get perks or stock awards in2018 Zuckerberg’s overall settlement leaped from $9.1 million in 2017 to $226 million in 2018 in order to cover the boost in security expenses for the prominent CEO.
The boost is partly the outcome of particular dangers versus Zuckerberg and Facebook’s ( FB) high exposure, according to the business.
Facebook spends for Zuckerberg and his household’s individual security at his houses and when he takes a trip. Around $2.6 million  Zuckerberg’s settlement bundle in 2018 was for personal airplane travel, which the business stated became part of the security program.
The business is going into the 2nd year of a relatively non-stop series of scandals It has actually been under fire for whatever from individual privacy concerns following discoveries that data-firm Cambridge Analytica gathered details on 87 million Facebook users, to allow the spread of white supremacy and dislike speech on the platform. Those occasions have actually drawn a big quantity of direct exposure for the business and its 34- year-old co-founder.
” Mr. Zuckerberg is among the most-recognized executives on the planet, in big part as an outcome of the size of our user base and our ongoing direct exposure to worldwide media, legal, and regulative attention,” stated the filing.
The filing stated Facebook likewise increased the quantity of cash it put towards COO Sheryl Sandberg’s individual security by $1.1 million.
Zuckerberg is among the wealthiest individuals on the planet and deserves simply over $70 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s index.