Inspired By Dads Viral Photo, John Legend Helps Pampers Install 5,000 Changing Tables In Men’s Restrooms

In today’s day and age, most of us are quite used to the idea that taking care of a child is not just a mother’s responsibility. Men all over the world are speaking up for the recognition they deserve. The traditional and quite sexist way of thinking that only women should be provided all the necessities needed in public places to take care of their children has been a major problem. One of the biggest examples of such unfairness is the lack of changing tables in men’s public bathrooms, but hopefully, with the hashtag #squatforchange going viral, we are up for a very positive change.

Recently, one man named Donte Palmer showed how fathers have to change diapers in public bathrooms since there are no changing tables for men

Image credits: squatforchange

In a now viral photo, Donte is captured squatting in a public toilet while holding his child on his knees in order to change his diaper.

After Donte’s photo went viral, more men showed their support by capturing themselves squatting in public bathrooms

Image credits: squatforchange

The movement quickly turned into a viral #squatforchange hashtag with men all over the country demanding changing tables in men’s public bathrooms.

Image credits: squatforchange

Image credits: squatforchange

Tired of constantly having to change their baby’s diapers in the most uncomfortable places, fathers started to demand changing tables in their bathrooms as well. The fact that they exist only in women’s bathrooms is not only sexist, it also causes great inconvenience.

Image credits: squatforchange

If you believe in the positive change this initiative is making, you can donate to them on their website.

Then, many squatting photos later, the initiative caught John Legend’s and Pampers’ attention

Because of the #squatforchange movement, Pampers collaborated with John Legend and KoalaKare to install 5,000 new changing tables in public restrooms.

You can watch this video to learn more about it

Many people loved this initiative and showed their complete support

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