Illusionist David Blaine Floats 24,000 Feet With 52 Balloons Into The Arizona Sky

Illusionist David Blaine has successfully pulled off his latest death-defying stunt; floating more than 24,000 feet above the Arizona desert held up by a cluster of balloons.

Wearing a harness, the 47-year-old held 52 helium-filled balloons as he launched himself into the Arizona sky in a daring attempt to reach his projected altitude of 18,000 feet.

David Blaine’s ‘Ascension’ stunt kicked off In Page, Arizona on Wednesday

Blaine’s risky stunt which lasted about an hour was made even more thrilling when it was revealed he didn’t put his parachute on until he was approximately halfway up.


The 1 Hrs Long Stunt Was Streamed Live On His YouTube Channel

Shortly after ascending, Blaine slowly started dropping five-pound weights in order to ascend even higher. The illusionist, who had an oxygen mask throughout, was climbing at about 500 feet a minute throughout. At about 8,000 feet, Blaine started strapping himself into a parachute.

During the whole stunt Blaine spoke with his daughter Dessa,9, telling her it felt like he was floating, and the whole experience didn’t feel like he was on Earth.

His Daughter Dessa Watched On And Spoke To Him Several Times During The Stunt

After the parachute was connected and secure, Blaine increased his ascension and went through a rigorous breathing technique to get his oxygen levels right while preparing for his giant drop.

When he hit more than 24,000 feet he pulled the cord, releasing the balloons, and began his free fall before opening his parachute up.

After Reaching 24,000 Feet, Blaine Pulled His Parachute And skydived Back Down

The stunt, which was initially scheduled to be held in his hometown of New York City, had to be postponed earlier this week due to unfavorable weather and wind conditions.

Blaine said he had spent the last two years preparing for his latest feat during which he obtained a pilot’s license, a commercial balloon pilot’s license and learned to skydive before he was confident enough to take up the challenge.

The stuntman is famous for daring adrenaline-packed stunts. His previous feats include being buried in a plastic box under a three-ton water-filled tank and In another stunt, he spent seven days submerged in an eight-foot diameter water-filled sphere in front of New York City’s Lincoln Center.