Husband Writes Down Every Time His Wife Refused To Sleep With Him , Sends Her An Email After She Leaves For A Work Trip

Marriage isn’t easy and everyone one of us heard the saying ‘marriage is work’ at least once. And yes, once the honeymoon stage is over, it’s not so easy to maintain a fulfilling and wholesome relationship, but there must be certain red flags that obviously show that the relationship isn’t working the way it should be. If so, what are those red flags? Is a lack of romance and intimacy a red flag? What about a passive-aggressive excel spreadsheet displaying all of the days you refused to sleep with your partner?

One wife took social media to share a letter she received from her husband before leaving on a work trip

Image credits: Sophia Louise (not the actual photo)

The excel sheet he attached displayed all the times he was trying to be intimate with her but she refused

This post quickly received a lot of attention online with people having all sorts of different reactions to it.

While some were not in the mood to support the husband

Other’s tried to find a solution to their problem

And some were in the complete support of the husband


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12 Replies to “Husband Writes Down Every Time His Wife Refused To Sleep With Him , Sends Her An Email After She Leaves For A Work Trip

  1. It isn’t nice from him to publish such spreadsheet. It is immature, and not focused on solving the root cause of their problem.
    However, wifes should stop taking their husbands as granted.
    Because of stuff like this spreadsheet shows, men go seek other womens attention.

  2. Any person that goes to the gym and works out, then comes to bed without showering I DON”T want to have sex with. 2014/06/19

  3. I don’t find any reason for blaming the man because what he did was to get his point noted clearly. It doesn’t matter the how? Email is private but social media is not! So sharing your intimate info here is really not called. I won’t go direct to the solution because its the two to sort it out. I will only say let the wife communicate the real issue. Honestly those are not issues but they are just execuses. Its not hard to find solutions to known problems. This man is already confused by the shody reasons you give for denying intercourse. Please, help him.

    Now for those of you saying sex is not important, that’s childish and misleading! You need to grow! Sexual satisfaction is one of the core duties in the partnership. No sex no marriage. And you all can’t bear marriage where sex is out of the equation of years without any sound reason. Some of you have cheated before. Whatelse is in cheating? And So why mislead others?

  4. Well, women need a ton of emotional foreplay. If he’s coming at her like: “I itch here, scratch me”, the sex will soon be zero. On the other hand, men want to have sex way more than women do, so they will need to work a little harder at it. Both need to compromise but by the letter it’s obvious sex is the most important thing in his world, he is not tracking anything else important in their relationship.

  5. What did he hope to accomplish with it, if he even hoped to accomplish something other than to throw a wrench into their marriage. This shows that all he seems to care about is sex. Just sex, every day. Yes, sex is important for a healthy relationship & marriage, but it isn’t everything. It’s about trusting, confiding one another and overcoming hardships as a team. Whether that be running the home or lack of sexual activity.

    His behavior is just petty, immature, like a 9 year old was refused an ice cream cone s/he really wanted. What he should have done was to keep his hormones and lust in check for 1 night and sit before her and ask if they’re growing apart, tell her that you miss her, and actually talk about the problem and work on a possible solution and compromise on both sides.

    Sex shouldn’t feel like a duty. Sex shouldn’t be forced or timed like clockwork. Sex is supposed to be casual, intimate and fun.

    I get his frustration, but not the way he goes about it. He should talk to her, not write letters and document spreadsheets.

  6. Having sex with your wife should not be focused on just the act of intercourse.
    Judging from the data, she is sore the day after sex, and then the pattern shows a sexual encounter every 10 days for the displayed data set.
    By the fact that she is sore the day after sex says that she may not be producing the right amount of moisture to ensure she is not hurt during intercourse. Lubricants are one solution, but my guess is that she is not aroused by him which is evidenced by an assumed lack of moisture.
    He is focused on the act of sex and is not focused on courting her. He should be trying to achieve climax by foreplay and doing special things for her to communicate that he appreciates, loves, and needs her.

  7. Acknowledging her plight I say this only as a cry out to society as a whole to stop utilizing social media for airing their dirty laundry. Social media is an outlet yes. But as human beings we are meant to strive and better ourselves. Not tear each other down by humiliating that person. Airing your dirty laundry like that it’s embarrassing for both parties that are involved in me situation. I believe it’s degrading to both of them.

  8. I had that experience once. The problem has been solved. We have a good sex life and respect each other now. We have been married for 19 years. There could be two reasons: the woman is under stress. She needs to be brought into her proper condition. Maybe she had lost interest in you and doesn’t find you attractive. You are boring,

  9. randy pratt, you are an idiot, and while that fact might be obvious, i still felt it needed to be said.

  10. If you’re desperate, try a little cocaine, “female worship” porn and learn to give great head like you love it…if that doesn’t work…she don’t want it.

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