Guy Who Kept Lady In Pet Cage, Sexually Assaulted Her Will Not Serve Jail Time

A Georgia guy was sentenced to 10 years in jail recently after holding a teenage woman hostage and sexually attacking her however he will not see the within a jail cell.

Michael Wesolowski, 33, was detained in June 2017 after FBI representatives discovered a 17- year-old woman, who had actually been missing out on for over a year, caught in a canine cage in his house in Duluth, Georgia, a suburban area of Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the victim, who HuffPost will not call due to the fact that she is a sexual attack survivor, was discovered seriously malnourished and struggling with back issues due to the pet dog cage. She had actually likewise contracted ringworm from the unhygienic conditions.

“The mental damage Michael Wesolowski caused is beyond creativity,” the victim, clutching a packed animal, stated in court recently, according to regional outlet WIS News

Wesolowski pled guilty recently to first-degree ruthlessness to kids and interstate disturbance with custody. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail, Wesolowski got credit for time served throughout the 8 months he was in a detention center prior to his sentencing. The staying 9 years and 4 months of his sentence will be served on probation and he will need to sign up as a sex culprit for life.

“I wear see any feeling from you. I wear see any regret from you,” Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Timothy Hamil stated throughout sentencing. “ I am stagnated to offer you initially culprit status … In my time on the bench, I can rely on both hands the time I’he declined to offer somebody initially culprit status  however there’s something inside me that states this is among those times.”

Wesolowski fulfilled the victim when she was 15 in an online chatroom for individuals with consuming conditions, the AJC reports. The woman, who had anorexia, was dissatisfied in your home and Wesolowski ultimately encouraged her to come to deal with him after she turned 16, the age of authorization in Georgia.

District attorney Michael DeTardo stated throughout the plea hearing that Wesolowski and the victim at first accepted participate in a sexual relationship including BDSM and replicating non-consensual sex acts. The victim likewise asked Wesolowski to manage her consuming practices as part of the BDSM relationship. Wesolowski, nevertheless, started abusing the limits, declining to utilize safe words and turning to physical violence when the victim did not adhere to his needs. He later on force-fed or sexually attacked the victim as a penalty, and consistently held her in the pet dog cage throughout the year she was with him.

“ He reduced my self-confidence significantly and led me to think I would never ever be liked or have an appropriate life if I got any weight,”  the victim stated in court.

She later on included that she has difficulty bathing or strolling in rain due to the supposed water abuse Wesolowski subjected her to.

First, Wesolowski had actually likewise been arraigned on charges of rape, unlawful imprisonment and worsened sodomy. DeTardo stated the relationship was a gray location due to the fact that the victim at first entered it consensually, and may be dangerous to bring to trial. The victim and her household did not wish to go to trial and rather focused on Wesolowski signing up as a sex culprit.

The victim was discovered after she called another user on the online eating condition online forum which female called the cops.

The news of Wesolowski’s sentence begins the heels of a comparable story of a New York city guy called Shane Piche, who raped a 14- year-old woman he fulfilled while driving a school bus. Piche was sentenced to 10 years probation however no jail time due to the fact that, according to the judge, he just raped one woman, instead of numerous.

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