Guy Produces Indoor Phony Tree For A Cats, And The Master Authorizes Of It

“Rob Rogalski whimsical art allures. His mini motion picture sets, his puppets, and his sculptures transfer you to a dream world that feels breathtakingly genuine.” Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Rob work, while pleasing for people, has actually likewise discovered some fans in the feline world too, with this extraordinary ‘tree setup that is simply best for daring cats.

The setup, that was made at a buddy’s home throughout a summer season, is one of a kind, customized developed, and constructed on place, so if you’d like one yourself, you’ll require to welcome Rob over!

“First I style and construct to the particular requirements of the place, and my customers,” Each tree is various, it is a natural procedure.”

For Long-term Setups, like feline trees, furnishings, beds, checking out nooks and so on. I begin by building a wood armature, to provide structure, then I attaché, then sculpt sheets or blocks of foam that are then covered with a paper pulp/particle clay.”

That is then blended with sturdy wood glue. (or perhaps fiberglass resin, however, I choose not to utilize fiberglass) This is very resilient.”


For something that requires a little less structure, or is short-lived, like a theatrical set, or shop show construct a tree out of cardboard, and paper mache. In some cases, I’ll do a mix of both strategies. This is still really Resilient.”

Rob likewise does other comparable pieces, like these tree-shelves in a little woman’s bedroom

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