Guy Makes Delivery Couriers Smile By Putting Up Signs On His Door That Ask If Carole Baskin Is The Reason Why Her Husband Went Missing

Everyone is trying to keep themselves busy during the lockdown. Some join the cause of pushing away the tide of the outbreak and 3D print ear guards for doctors to help ease the pain of face masks. Others start doing their dog’s hair every day to help kill time all the while providing Internauts with their daily dose of adorable. And then there’s people who are organizing polls on issues that matter.

Tim Scott, founder of the Austin-based clothing company Mitscoots Outfitters, shared an image on Twitter of his home door that had a question and two possible answers plastered on it. The tweet’s caption read “Getting to know our delivery guys.”

At this point, the internet is full of ideas on how to deal with lockdown, and this one is a fresh addition to the list

Image credits: Tim Scott

The idea was to have the delivery couriers voice their thoughts by placing the deliveries under the appropriate answer. The topmost piece of paper asked the question Did Carol Baskin kill her husband? while the remaining two offered a choice of answers: yes, and no.

This is, of course, a hint at the recently resurfaced conspiracy that Carole Baskin, animal rights activist and owner of Big Cat Rescue, murdered her husband Don Lewis and disposed of the body by feeding him to the sanctuary’s tigers. The theory was sparked after the launch of the Netflix Docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

Tim Scott stuck a question and answers on his door for his delivery couriers to answer, and that they did

Image credits: Tim Scott

As it stands now, Lewis was reported missing back in 1997 after leaving his home in Tampa, Florida. His van was later found at an airport. Reports stated that he had mentioned the possibility of moving to Costa Rica but thorough investigations found nothing there—or anywhere else, for that matter. Lewis was declared legally dead after being missing for 5 years with no conclusive evidence of whether he is dead or alive.

But back to the question at hand: what did the couriers answer? Well, Tim managed to get three packages and they all were put under yes.

The picture took off getting hundreds of thousands of likes, so he repurposed it into a meme

Image credits: Tim Scott

The photo went viral soon after posting. As of the moment of this article, the post has received over 420,000 likes on Twitter with over 53,000 retweets. Internauts also left over a thousand comments under the photo with various memes and jokes on the topic.

Tim Scott repurposed the picture, seemingly in hopes of making it a fun meme, by slapping other questions like Can we make this a meme?, Did I just peak?, and Should you wash your hands? on the topmost piece of paper.

This also inspired others to do the poll on their own doors, with one of them going viral on Imgur

Image credits: Hellogus

Another person asked that same question in the same format and it surfaced on Imgur. User Hellogus shared his experience with a FedEx courier he was expecting. The package ended up under no, but upon closer inspection, the package delivery leaflet has a hidden message on the other side that reads “Just kidding, of course she did.”

The conspiracy behind it resurfaced after the launch of Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”

Image credits: Hellogus

Of course, others jumped in with their own questions

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Here’s a template if you want to have a go at it

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And then there were he memes in response to the issue

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This is how everyone else reacted to the poll

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