Friendly Beluga Returns Phone Lady Unintentionally Dropped Into Ocean

While it’s not that unusual to experience beluga whales out in the ocean, just recently Norwegian anglers discovered a whale that actually shocked them and made headings all over the world. When a friendly whale approached the angler’s boat, they discovered something odd about it. The animal was using a harness and as soon as an angler eliminated it, they discovered that it had “Devices St. Petersburg”  composed on it.

( h/t: The Dodo)

Specialists validated that neither Norway nor Denmark or Greenland puts these sort of harnesses on beluga whales for research study functions. The Russian-made harness and abnormally friendly habits of the mammal raised suspicion that the whale was trained by the Russian navy for spying functions.

While it’s still not entirely clear why the mammal was using a harness, the charming “Russian spy was put under the spotlight once again. As it ends up, this beluga whale is not simply friendly, it is rather well mannered too. A number of days earlier, Isa Opdahl was out on the water in the boat when she had an accident.

The girl put her phone in her pocket however it slipped and overdid it, plunging into the ocean. When she believed that her phone was gone permanently, she discovered the very same infamous beluga whale bring her phone in its mouth.

The whale swam close enough for her to get the phone while among her good friends recorded whatever on electronic camera. The beluga whale rapidly ended up being a viral experience on social networks with lots of people left in wonder of its intelligence. For the time being, the courteous whale continues to hover around the Hammerfest location.

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