Ex-Student Revealed Her Story About Greek Life To Fight Injustice And It Went Viral

With the Black Lives Matter campaign running, people try their best not to distract other’s attention for it. Never stop until people of color are given the rights and justice they deserve.

Together with this systemic oppression towards people of color by law enforcement, an ex-college student shared her own experience in Greek life. She shared how being a member of Kappa Delta had let her experience firsthand being oppressed by the elite and unfairly put on probation.

JJ Jordan, 21, was a Florida State University student and talked about how she was pushed out of her sorority. In a TikTok video, she spoke that she was called to “standards” meeting where sisters will gather and talk about an issue that may have been reported to them through letters. Anyone can send the letter and Jordan received two.


One of them included telling on the sister that she was seen passing out naked in the fraternity house.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, she said, “I was never asked if I was hurt or victimized.”

“As I began to explain myself out of it, I realized I shouldn’t have to. I realized it was very concerning that no one was saying, ‘Are you OK?’”, she continued. “No matter how much truth or falsity there was to the statement … no one asked the older sister, ‘Why would you leave anyone in a fraternity house alone?’ That really became an issue with me. I really was not OK with that.”

Jordan also added that the reason she decided to speak out now is because the BLM is all about fighting systemic oppression that is based on skin color, culture and wealth. “Sororities and fraternities are a huge system of oppression. It perpetuates elitism and classism and systemic racism. I think that it became time to start dismantling that system as well,” she added.



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She then addresses one of the reply that told her to “read the room”.

She adds that she grows up in a financially stable family with two parents. She is white and can’t imagine how bad it is for queer women and women of colors. What she experienced was simply “the tip of iceberg”.

Heidi Roy, the director of communications for Kappa Delta was asked if their organization has any contribution whatsoever towards oppressive social institutions.

“We recognize that sororities and college campuses across the country have continued work to do to foster an environment where students feel safe and are treated with respect. As an organization designed to empower women and build their confidence, we take seriously our role in ensuring this kind of culture exists in each chapter. We strive for all members to feel accepted, supported and protected by their sisters.”