Daughter Has No Other Choice But To Always Wear A No Photo Hoodie So Her Influencer Mom Would Stop Posting Her Pics

As Influencers In The Wild showed us, just the sight of them can be annoying. Now imagine having one in your family. Just hours ago, Redditor FinallyAnonymous6 explained what it’s like to grow up with a mom who is uploading every aspect of your personal life on the Internet. After exhausting all the possibilities she could think of, the 16-year-old daughter ordered various “No Photos” hoodies and started wearing them every time her mom was around. Naturally, tensions reached the climax. Continue scrolling to hear what the teen has to say.

Image credits: yourdailyfashion (Not the actual photo)


Image credits: FinallyAnonymous6

The daughter was also thinking about creating an Instagram account and posting one picture that’s just of her holding a paper that says, ‘I do not consent to photos on the account @MomsAccount. I do not consent to be written about in @mommyblog. I did not consent to the pictures and stories already posted there. Please help me report all of @MomsAccount posts where I appear for harassment.’

“But honestly, I’m worried that kind of drama would put me more in the public eye and lead to articles about me or something. When I want the opposite, for everything about me online to be gone,” she said. “Plus, I know the wording would make my mom angry. Every time I talk about consent or ‘no means no’ or how I own my own body, she accuses me of making it sound like ‘a dirty sex thing’ … Which isn’t how I mean it, I just think consent and bodily autonomy matters for many reasons! Not only sex!”

People instantly showed their support for the 16-year-old

The struggle for regaining control over her personal life has pushed the teen to the very limit. “I already feel like I’m at ‘last resort’ stages now, I just recently had a huge public fight with my mom where I lost my temper and screamed at her, ‘I’m 16, IT’S NOT OKAY THAT YOU’RE WHORING ME OUT FOR MONEY.’” However, the mom got mad and played you’re-making-everything-about-sex card again. “[She] totally missed the point that I don’t want my pics to be her money-making scheme anymore.”