Dad Let Daughter Accuse Her Fiancé Of Cheating Even Though He Knew Mystery Panties Belong To Mom

Have you ever had a guest that just won’t leave? And you are trying and trying to kindly drop hints that they have stayed beyond their welcome? What if that guest was your daughter and her insufferable fiancé?  Would you go so far as to neglect to tell them that the floral panties in their laundry are not in fact from a mystery woman but accidentally got in there from your wife’s pile?

That’s what happened to one father on Reddit, whose daughter is so worried her fiancé is cheating on her that she immediately thought the underwear belonged to The Other Woman—except this father just stepped aside and watched the pyrotechnics instead of telling her the truth.

“My 20 year old daughter and her are currently staying with us. I love my daughter but she is very difficult and I can’t stand her fiancé. I gave them a deadline to move out because I can’t take this anymore,” the OP writes.

“They got into a massive fight the other day while my wife was out. I guess a pair of my wife’s underwear got in with their laundry and she thought he was cheating. I think the fact she immediately jumped to cheating shows how bad their relationship is.”

“She was waving the underwear around and I recognized them because they had a floral print but I just let this ridiculous fight go on. My wife came home after about thirty minutes and said they were hers. My wife asked if I didn’t realize they were hers and I accidentally laughed.”

“My daughter burst into tears and won’t talk to me. Her fiancé said we’re f*cked and left the house but my wife thought it was funny.”

I mean, it’s not awesome to have conflict in your home day in and day out, but it’s also not kind to lie to your daughter by omission. Either way, the situation is absurd.

“You might be the a**hole but I am LIVING for it,” said whomst_jpeg.

NTA, it’s not your fight either. Also it’s wild that your daughter would think that her fiance was bringing girls into YOUR house, he own parents, to cheat on and accidentally leave underwear there! That’s hilarious and I would have probably laughed, too. If I lived with another woman and the same thing happened to me, I feel like I would assume they were hers before anything else. My SO and I keep our laundry separate and stuff of his still ends up in mine,” said moudine.

“NTA-you made a great point, if her first instinct is to accuse him of cheating, despite living in a household with ANOTHER WOMAN, meaning your wife, then they have some major problems that they should definitely work through before getting married. Honestly, it is pretty amusing that you let them ride it out on their own without your input,” said jekka31088.

“ESH. Can’t complain about people fighting when you could have stopped it. But you don’t deserve to have an angry couple in your own home,” perublanket39 explained.

“ESH. Everyone but the mom. Mom took ownership of the floral panties right away,” noted lakehermit.

Not everyone was so lenient, though. Some Redditors held the OP accountable for his daughter’s suffering in that moment because he was too amused to straighten the misunderstanding out.

“You just sat back and let your daughter believe that someone she loves enough to marry had deeply hurt and betrayed her. You sat there and laughed quietly to yourself and enjoyed her pain. Again, I will acknowledge that maybe this is an E-S-H situation, but you should seriously examine why hurting your daughter is fucking funny to you. Is that amusement worth the damage to your relationship with your daughter? Do you think the potential long term consequences are worth it, or should you maybe get over it and reach out with a sincere attempt at talking out your problems like adults? She went from thinking her fiance had betrayed her to knowing her father would let her believe in a lie like that because he thought her suffering was funny. Funny does not mean you didn’t do something hurtful, and she is 100% justified in being unwilling to speak with you over this,” said E_J_Brillig.

“You knew from the start that it was not from cheating, but you ignored it so that they would continue to fight? Maybe you should have told the truth from the start so they could change to talking about what their actual issues were instead of letting YOUR daughter feel like someone she loved was cheating on her. Also I am so confused on what about this is funny, like someone please explain because I really don’t get it,” said turquoisekitten.

What do you think? Was the OP just joking around or was he being cruel?