Choosing Beggar Acts Like A Jerk After Asking Friends To Borrow A Car For His Wedding, Keeps Refusing Perfectly Good Offers

We hear a lot about bridezillas but grooms can be batshirt crazy, too. Take this poor materialistic bastard for example. As his big day was approaching, he decided it would be a great idea to drive up to the ceremony in a cool car. Which isn’t that crazy. However, the delusion began when he made a Facebook post, asking people to lend him their ride.

A few folks offered him their BMW M3 and Tesla Model 3, but the cars weren’t good enough for our hero. “It’s my wedding, not my 18th birthday party,” he replied rejecting the offers, adding that he needs something at least over $100,000. Eventually, someone took a screenshot of the ridiculous exchange and uploaded it to the Choosing Beggar subreddit where it has already received nearly 70,000 upvotes.

Image credits: weezy_latez

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