Bride Whose Fiancé Was A Chronic Cheater Reveals ‘Red Flags’ She Ignored To Help Others In Bad Relationships

Accordingly, the bride equally shared the crucial red flags she overlooked in a bid to assist others who are involved in toxic relationships.

Devin Allen, 31 from Pennsylvania honestly opened up about her toxic relationship. She realized her finance had been cheating for 6months before their scheduled wedding and revealed the key red flags she ignored

Devin Allen, 31 from Pennsylvania honestly opened up about her experience in a series of clips on TikTok while also sharing some instances of her controlling ex’s dreadful behavior.

Co-founding a company .i.y.BreakUp‘ with a friend Jessica Heilweil, Devin had been offering assistance to those who had to call off their engagements or perhaps weddings since breaking free from her own cheating partner.

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‘I was with my ex for about 6years/90days and had planned on getting married before I realized he was actually cheating on me. His text exchanges mistakenly sync to my laptop and I found out on his bachelor party he was both texting me and his Gf the same words. He was specifically copying and pasting the same words to both of us.’ Devin said in one of her TikTok clip.

On finding out, Devin went on to break up and interestingly did called off their wedding. Rather than walking down the aisle, Devin attended a Beyoncé concert and then took a plane to Las Vegas with her loved ones.

Putting all behind, Devin moved to a new home and incredibly launched her company with her friend Jessica. ‘Life is undeniably much better.’ Devin added as she revealed her ex and his new girlfriend are still together and happy. Her viral clip, has, however, been viewed over 4.1million times and did garner positive reactions.


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