Bride Asks Guests To Dress Based On Their Weight, Completely Loses It When Someone Shames Her On Reddit

Either the thought of getting married temporarily messes up their heads, or they’re simply pathological narcissists, but some brides really show off their worst colors before they even say “I do.” I mean, sure, the bride is the center of attention at most weddings, but that doesn’t mean they become the center of the universe, too.

Image credits: Reptile 8488 (not the actual photo)

This wife-to-be, for example, made such ridiculous dress code demands, one of the invitees leaked them online. What do you think happened after she found out about it? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t a wake-up call.

Here’s the post she was talking about if you were wondering what the demands were:

We decided to illustrate what the “thin guests” are supposed to wear. Women: 100-160 LBS

Men 100-200 LBS

People were just speechless after reading the whole thing:

Image credits: cappaccinodagreat

Someone later also shared this guests response to the bride  after she announced the “Polygraph party”