Boss Asks If He Should Fire Efficient Employee Who Finishes Work Early And Then Plays Video Games

At your job, are you getting paid for your work, or your time? In days past, when work was more likely to be manual and repetitive, bosses saw value in keeping their employees on the clock for as long as possible, in order to maximize their output. These days, however, with creative, project-based work more prominent, your efficiency in completing your tasks is more likely to be rewarded with greater free time.

Not always though. This boss took to Quora to gauge people’s opinions on one particularly bright employee, who finished tasks so well and quickly that there was time left over for video games at the end of each day. The boss, harboring the kind of old-fashioned attitude that needs to be abolished in this day and age, didn’t like this at all. “Between the hours of 9am-5pm you are my bitch and you must work (or at least pretend you’re working) even if you have completed your daily quota,” you can imagine them saying to themselves while pondering whether or not to fire this excellent, but renegade worker.
Happily there are more enlightened individuals out there, and one response in particular had people on their feet applauding. Scroll down below to read it for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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