Americans Are Getting $1,200 Stimulus Checks, And Here Are The Best Jokes They’re Posting Online

The United States government has sent out stimulus checks to some residents to help keep them afloat during the coronavirus quarantine. It’s all some people are talking about, so it’s no wonder that these checks have become the focus of a lot of jokes on the internet.

The checks are each worth 1,200 dollars and internet users are joking about how they’re already planning to buy TVs, laptops, and spend the money as soon as they can. While others are poking fun at the fact that it’s now the IRS sending them money, instead of the other way around.

“We can confirm that payments are beginning to arrive in some Americans’ accounts,” a senior Treasury official told ABC News. Scroll down for the best stimulus check jokes that Bored Panda has compiled, upvote your faves, and let us know in the comments what you’re going to do with your check if you live in the US, dear Pandas. And read on for Bored Panda’s interview with financial expert Sam Dogen, founder of the Financial Samurai blog, about stimulus checks and how much they’ll help Americans out.


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“So long as Americans are spending the money, that helps stimulate and support the economy. Although saving money is good, saving money actually doesn’t do much in the short run to help the economy. In the long run, maybe it helps by creating more financially secure people to not become a burden,” Dogen from the Financial Samurai told us.

“I believe everything is rational. If people want to use their money to spend on TVs and other things, its because they’ve got their basics already taken care of. Here’s how millionaires are spending their checks.”


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Dogen believes that 1,200 dollars per person should help individuals for at least a month. “If you add on the extra 600 dollars a month in unemployment benefits, that’s a decent amount of money,” he said.

“For example, in California, you can get 4,200 dollars a month in unemployment benefits now. And then if you add on another 1,200, that’s 5,600 dollars. It’s really the added unemployment benefits that will really help those who have lost their jobs,” Dogen pointed out.


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The BBC reports that President Donald Trump’s name will be printed on the paper checks that will be sent out to financially-struggling Americans. This is the very first time that a US president’s name will show up on a federal government handout.

Not surprisingly, some are worried that this decision might delay checks arriving. The president denied that there will be a delay, as did the Treasury Department. However, two senior IRS officials told the Washington Post that the first batch of checks might arrive slower because of this.


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“You are getting your money late because the President thinks it is more important that his name is on the cheque than that you are able to pay your bills on time,” Democratic Senator Brian Schatz shared his opinion on Twitter.

The stimulus checks are part of a 2 trillion (that’s right, trillion) dollar relief package that will help out more than 80 million US citizens. And Americans need it now more than ever. Around 16 million people lost their jobs in the US just in the past month and the situation may get worse before it gets better.


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