After Spending Months In The Hospital, The Worlds Smallest Surviving Premature Baby Has Been Finally Sent Home

The toughest guys aren’t always the biggest ones. In fact, sometimes, it’s the contrary. Five months ago, a preemie baby boy was born in a Tokyo hospital. But not only was this baby born prematurely at the 24th week, which is 16 weeks earlier than a regular pregnancy period lasts… But he weighed a record-breaking 9.45 oz (268g). The baby was so small and light, that he could have easily fit into a pair of hands. The chances of survival were little, but after months of intensive care, the ‘mini miracle’ proved that he’s born a champion and giving up is not on the menu. He had grown to weigh 7 lbs (3.2 kg) and finally was released home.

9.45oz (268g) was how much this baby boy weighed on the day of his birth

Image credits: Reuters

The tiny baby was born in the 24th week of pregnancy in a Tokyo hospital. Because of complications, an emergency C-section was performed and thus the possibly ‘world’s smallest baby boy’ was born.

Baby was so tiny and fragile, that people dubbed him ‘mini miracle’ and his size was compared to an onion.

Image credits: Reuters

Because of the infant’s state, he was taken to intensive care, where he spent 5 months. Chances of survival for someone this tiny were as small as the baby itself, and even the boy’s mother was unsure if he was gonna make it. But thankfully, the little champion showed his character from the early days and after gaining weight and his health, he was released to his home with his mother.

After months of intensive care, the baby gained enough weight and on the day of leaving the hospital, the baby weighed 7 lbs (3.2 kg)

Image credits: Reuters

An average newborn weighs from 5 to 8 lbs (2,5-4kg), therefore the ‘mini miracle’ baby, his mother and the doctors of the Keio University Hospital can finally relax. The world’s smallest baby boy to be born and survive… Has survived!

The previous record-holding tiny babies, both a boy and a girl, were from Germany

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The boy weighed 9.6 oz (274g) and the girl 8.9oz (252g), thus still remaining the record-holder for being tiniest baby girl to be born and survive.

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