After Roasting BBC Food, Uncle Roger Is Off To Taste The Infamous Egg Fried Rice Himself

Drain your wet rice after cooking it and then wash it through cold water.

Does this step of cooking rice remind you of something? Well, it reminds me of very wet rice that even my Chinese mom still messes up on sometimes. It tasted very yucky and I thought I couldn’t hate rice but I should’ve known better.

Yes. This nightmare that haunts millions.





BBC Food’s recipe for egg fried rice did not sit well with a lot of people. YouTuber Uncle Roger was asked by his followers to review this and it absolutely went wild. Hersha Patel is a cook alright, but since her base is Indian (and thus, her cooking method may look absolutely ridiculous to Chinese, which was the majority of the viewers of egg fried rice recipe), she wasn’t wrong.


In fact, there are more ways to cook rice in the world than you know. Just… some culture could be wrong – Uncle Roger, 2020.

So, Uncle Roger decided to make friends with Hersha Patel.



She’s been trolled for her unusual way of cooking rice! This might be the universe’s most ambitious crossover, yet. This in-person review of the person he’s previously roasted so much ends up much more interesting than we could imagine.

They’re back! We’re seeing some improvements in the fried rice as well.


There were spills here and there, but it was overall great (according to Uncle Roger’s personal tasting experience).