A Study Suggests Women Who Date Younger Men Are Happier in Their Relationships

Most women get married to men who are 1-3 years older than them, believing it is the best thing for them. Turns out, it could be better. According to a doctor and relationship expert, women who date men who are significantly younger than them, tend to be happier and more satisfied.

200 women in relationships were surveyed.

To find out more about heterosexual relationships, Dr. Lehmiller surveyed 200 women. Those women included women who were dating men that were younger than them, older than them and ones whose significant other was about the same age as them.

An age gap of around 10 years is the most suitable.

Upon researching, it was found that women who were in a relationship with a man who was about 10 years younger than them were the happiest. They were also more committed to their relationships compared to ladies who were dating older men or men who were close in age to them.

Women feel more dominant in these relationships.

While there was not enough data to make a claim about results, the researcher has put forward possible reasons why women might feel more comfortable dating younger men. According to him, women get the upper hand in these relationships and there’s more room for equality.

Men are happy too.

The research also adds that loving and satisfying an older woman can make men happy too, ultimately leaving both partners happy. Other experts have added that these couples have better compatibility, maturity, and could even be better parents.

Have you ever dated someone younger than you? What is the age difference between you and your partner?