A Security Cam Captures This UPS Delivery Guy Being A Hero And Doing His Best To Deliver What He Has To

It’s the holidays and everything is great. Well, almost great. When it comes to the holidays, some of us enjoy whining a bit to our colleagues and friends about how postal and delivery services have a hard time keeping up and sometimes end up being late. Which is a problem for those of us who need our packages delivered urgently?

However, there’s proof that some delivery company employees are doing their darndest to get your stuff to you no matter the time of the year or weather conditions. Case in point, one UPS delivery man was filmed by a security camera trying to bring a package up an icy driveway.


The video went viral after Walt Gorczowski uploaded it to YouTube and it now has over 2.56 million views! Not only that, UPS recognized the dedication the man showed and reached out to the YouTube community to ask for its help in identifying the delivery guy.

One delivery guy went above and beyond his call of duty and battled with an icy driveway

“I heard the UPS truck pull up so I opened the garage and told him to just leave the package at the sidewalk and I’d figure out a way to get it, but he insisted on getting it to me. Above and beyond… this guy is awesome,” Gorczowski described exactly the level of dedication this man had for doing his job well. ‘Above and beyond’ sounds absolutely fitting.

Here’s what a representative of the company told us: “UPS employees are known for their dedication to serving their customers. Sometimes, as in this video, UPS drivers get a little creative with how they make their deliveries in challenging circumstances.”

According to the UPS representative, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is incredibly busy: “Between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2019, we estimate UPS will deliver more than 32 million packages per day in the U.S. and around the world, an increase of 60% over our normal daily volume.”

Bored Panda also wanted to know how UPS deals with the increased demand of their services during the holiday season: “We flex the UPS network with highly automated capacity, advanced operational and customer technologies, 100,000 seasonal employees, and by collaborating with our customers on strategies that match capacity to their needs throughout holiday season.”

UPS observes holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in the US, which means that most of their employees are getting some well-deserved rest on those days.

But for those of us who need something delivered urgently on those days, UPS offers the Express Critical service which works during all holidays.

A study done by Late Shipment showed that around 8 percent of all deliveries that were handled by UPS and FedEx were delayed during the 2018 holiday season.

Here’s the full video shot by a security cam

Meanwhile, Retail TouchPoints notes that UPS took care of 800 million packages in 2018, while FedEx delivered 425 million. This means that even a ‘mere’ 8 percent delay-rate means a lot in real numbers. That’s 98 million late packages.

What do you think of the UPS delivery guy’s battle with the icy driveway? Do you have any stories about delivery personnel going above and beyond their call of duty to help you out? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below. And, dear readers, we sincerely hope that none of your packages are late this holiday season.

UPS reached out to internet users to figure out the identity of their employee