50 Of The Most Evil Packaging Designs Weve Ever Seen (New Pics)

Some packaging designs are so evil, even Satan himself couldn’t have created them. No, the sinister creations have featured in this list came from places far more darker than Hell. Corporate greed. From printing misleading captions to hiding the (lack of) contents of their products, the a**hole companies behind these deceptions are so shameless, they deserve all the shaming they can get. Continue scrolling to check out the entries!

#1 Biggest Letdown I’ve Had In A While To Be Honest

#2 Doing The Lords Work

#3 Are You Kidding Me

#4 Im Sad, This Is Just Sad

#5 Save The Extra Plastic And Just Make A Smaller Bottle Please

#6 This Should Be Punishable By Law

#7 Tea Came In A Pack Of 4, Faced Forwards

#8 I’ve Been Bamboozled

#9 Bigger Bottle, Less Tablets

#10 There Is A Special Place In Hell For Asshole Cookie Designers

#11 This Pen Was Made To “Minimalize” Usage Of Plastic In It

#12 This Roll Of Stickers Is Really Just A Sheet Of 20

#13 Apparently 27 Is “Approx 40”

#14 There’s Just Enough To Fit In The Window

#15 Some Leftover Chocolate From Christmas

#16 My Box Of Staples Was More Box Than Staples

#17 The Part That Is Invisible From Outside Is Empty

#18 I’ve Been Bamboozled!

#19 To Make This Bucket Of Constructor Set Look Full, They Put A Paper Cone Inside With Some Constructor Pieces Printed On It To Make It Less Noticeable

#20 Kobe Beef Package That Hide 1/3 Of The (Missing) Steak

#21 I Would Like To Thank Suave For Increasing The Size Of Their Bottle By -17%

#22 My 6yo Daughter Spent Her Pocket Money On This, Cried That “It’s Not Fair”

#23 Good Thing They Put It The Right Side Up On The Shelf

#24 Clearly, There Are 3 Salami On The Package But Only 2 Inside

#25 Trying To Hide Their Factory From Ruining Their Claim At Being Home Made

#26 My Bad… Assumed I Was Buying A Right And A Left Earbud

#27 The Chocolate In The Chocolate Musli Bar Is Only Behind The Transparent Part

#28 I Want My Other 3/4

#29 Packaging Said “100% Silk”

#30 Crappy Houdini Corkscrew Seems Weighty And High-Quality Due To Hidden Hunk Of Cement In The Package. Magic!

#31 My Disappointment Is Immeasurable

#32 Cinemarks Fill A “Bucket” Of Candy

#33 They Knew What They Were Doing. It Was Perfectly Placed In The Box

#34 Mr. Spink Needs To Meet Mr. Spank

#35 Packaging That Tricks You

#36 200 Blocks For $5 , Opened The Box And It Has A False Bottom Which Makes Up For 80% Of The Box , This Is For Kids Dammit!

#37 My Ice Cream From Central London Made Out To Be Bigger Than It Really Is

#38 They’re Trying To Make It Look Like There’s A Lot More Nerf Darts Packaged

#39 Always Check Before You Buy

#40 I Just Bought These… The Label Hides What A Scam It Is

#41 Spongebob Popsicle

#42 Large Size Cheerios Box Actually Weighs Less Than The Normal Size Box: 15.4 Vs. 17 Ounces

#43 This Modelling Clay Set Is Half Cardboard

#44 Packaging Covers The Fact That The Middle Is Empty. Creates Illusion Of More Razors

#45 My Wife’s 70dol Face Lotion

#46 I Needed Some Edible Eyeballs For A Halloween Party Snack. These Were Inside A Larger Bag

#47 Eggspectations

#48 The Chocolate Wafers I Bought A Week Ago Vs. The Ones I Bought Today. Same Price Of Course

#49 I Got Airpods With My New Iphone 8?? Oh Wait…

#50 4 Finger Discount