50 Epic Design Fails That Are So Bad, We Can’t Believe They Actually Happened

The following list is a collection of designs fails from one of our favorite subreddit groups /CrappyDesign. While a multi-dimensional mirror may sound like something that belongs in the Museum of Modern Art, is it truly necessary to have one located in a bathroom? or a bookshelf may seem like a necessity for your textbooks, but if they take up the whole locker where does your backpack go? Scroll down below to see some truly odd designs and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Apparently Scary Jesus Is A Thing

#2 This Toilet Door

#3 This Is Not A Crime Scene, But An Hospital Hallway

#4 Economy Class

#5 An Amazing Cover

#6 The Author Wanted Us To Know Something , That Who Ever Is Reading This , Is Indeed A

#7 Bad Design

#8 The Music Mural At The Daycare I Work At Looks Like Two People Being Hung

#9 These Pants Were Not Thought Through

#10 My University Wishing Me Good Luck

#11 Where You Off To Grandma?

#12 Finally, A Cause Worth Contributing Towards

#13 This Bicycle Path In Hungary

#14 This Trashcan At Frankfurt Main Station

#15 But… Where Did The Snowflake Come From?

#16 This Black Friday Sale Didn’t Do A Good Job Of Hiding Their Price Increase of 219.99$

#17 Notice How Life Looks Better Inside The Noose

#18 This Flight Of Stairs Outside A Door Is Death Waiting To Happen

#19 There Is A Cursor In My Jigsaw Puzzle Picture

#20 Should Probably Put A Little More Emphasis On The Apostrophe

#21 This Halloween Decoration At The Old Folks Home

#22 I’m Pretty Sure That’s Not How Mirrors Work

#23 My Feet Hurt Just Looking At This

#24 Mother In Law Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Get A Sculpture Of This Beautiful Moment

#25 Experience

#26 Walgreen’s Vinegar On Your Left, My Husband’s Regular Sparkling Water Go-To On Your Right. He Discovered His Error A Little Too Late

#27 These Shoes With Suction Cups On The Bottom That Pop When I Walk On Smooth Surfaces

#28 Demons For Sale

#29 These Restroom Stalls Have Translucent Doors

#30 “Make The Athlete Look Like She’s In Motion”

#31 Just Purchased This Low Quality Fried Chicken At The Grocery Store

#32 Damn I Did It Again

#33 This Cool Bathroom Door In Our Hotel In Croatia

#34 This Boat Tour Is Going Great

#35 Uh…. What Was That?

#36 When The Library Doesn’t Account For People Actually Using Their Brains

#37 “Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds” Uhm.. No Thanks

#38 The Backside Of This Donut Costume

#39 Pretty Sure A Disgruntled Designer Is Sending Us A Gigantic, Not-So-Secret Distress Message

#40 Impenetrable

#41 This Peephole In A Glass Door

#42 Thanks For Shopping. Now Get Out Before I Throw A Pineapple At You!

#43 The Wall Art In This Bathroom Is… Suboptimal

#44 The Entrance To Our Apartment In Berlin

#45 Great! I Can Watch Myself Poop In 500 Different Dimensions

#46 Who Came Up With The Numbering System For This Apartment Block?

#47 Bread So Emo It Slices Itself

#48 I’ll Just Lay Down Here And Die

#49 This Outlet In Our Room At A Kid Friendly Hotel

#50 Solar Powered But Under A Shelter