45 Photos From Taxi And Uber Rides That People Just Had To Share

What makes for a great taxi ride? For me, simply arriving at my destination at a reasonable price is satisfaction enough, perhaps a bit of friendly small talk too. However, since Uber and other ride-share services arrived on the scene with their rating system, drivers have had to step up their game if they want to keep getting those fares. Of course, for many drivers it’s not about the ratings at all, they simply pride themselves on delivering a great service.

Spending a working life with strangers hopping in and out of the car means lots of interesting and memorable encounters not only for the driver but for the passengers too! We have collected a list of occasions when people took taxi rides that were so special, they just had to share. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and share your own stories in the comments!

#1 This Uber Driver

#2 This Is My Uber Driver Beni, He Took Me To The Hospital And Keeping Me Company Since Most Of My Family Lives Out Of The State

#3 My Cab Driver Tonight Was So Excited To Share With Me That He’d Made The Cover Of The Calendar. I Told Him I’d Help Let The World See

#4 A Note Hanging From This Taxi Driver’s Steering Wheel

#5 My Uber Driver Was A Slimmer, Cooler, Mustached Version Of Myself

#6 Our Halloween Uber Driver Asked Us To Pose For A Picture With Her That She Could Send To Scare Her Husband – Who Was Worried About Her Driving Out Late. Mission Accomplished

#7 I Just Rode With The Highest Rated Uber Driver In NYC

Mustapha speaks four languages, studies computer programming at night at community college, has driven over 10,000 people, and has a rating of 4.96. Truly one of the nicest most inspiring people out there.

#8 Sign In A Taxi Cab

#9 Funding Our Uber Driver’s Vacations!

#10 This Bangkok Taxi Driver Being A Real Bro

#11 How To Receive 5 Stars As An Uber Driver

#12 My Uber Driver Had An NES Set Up In The Backseat

#13 I Don’t Think The Uber Riders Will Find My Halloween Decoration As Funny As I Do

#14 My Friend Is A Lyft Driver And Turned His Car Into A Voter Registration Booth

#15 He Wrote In The Comment That He Will Have A Cat With Him

#16 Mad Max Car

#17 Welcome To The Peach State! My Atlanta Lyft Driver Has Peaches Ready For Her Riders!

#18 One More Way To Get 5 Stars

#19 It Freaks Them Out!

#20 Starting My St Patrick’s Day In This Uber

#21 My Uber Driver Picked Me Up From The Airport In 5 Minutes, Which Is Insane Considering He Drove All The Way From 2002

#22 Uber Driver’s Hair Formed A Perfect 25

#23 When Your Uber Driver Knows What’s Important

#24 This Taxi Driver Grows Chili Peppers And More On The Cup Holder

#25 My Sister’s Friend’s Uber Driver

#26 We Asked Our Cab Driver What The Best Tip He Ever Got Was. Turns Out He Had Received That Tip Earlier Tonight!

#27 My Uber Driver Has Sticky Notes From All Of His Passengers On The Roof Of His Car

#28 Getting Out Of My Lyft And The Driver Handed Me His Business Card

#29 In The Back Of A Taxi. It’s A Fair Request

#30 My Uber Driver Was Dressed Like Superman

#31 I Used Uber To Hail A Taxi, And This Guy Rolls Up In A Brand New Tesla S!

#32 My Wholesome Uber Driver

#33 My Uber Driver Has A House Plant In His Car

#34 The Uber Driver I Got Today Gives Out Treats

#35 Asked My Uber Driver For A Picture Of His Christmas Sweater This Afternoon

#36 This Is Roger My UPS Driver. He Stopped By On His Day Off And We Saw His License Plate

#37 You Know You Are In LA When Your Lyft Driver Has His Headshot Strategically Placed For You To Notice

#38 Our Lyft Driver Was All In On Passenger Comforts. He Had 3 Types Of Chargers On Each Side, Food, And We Could Pick Any Music We Wanted

#39 As An Uber/Lyft Driver, This Hat Works Wonders

#40 This Chinese Taxi Driver Grows Plants In His Cab

#41 My Uber Driver Had NBA Jam Hooked Up For Passengers To Pass The Time

#42 My Uber Driver In Chicago Had Snacks That You Were Free To Take

#43 My Cab Driver Is Reading “Learning To Drive”… While Driving

#44 My Uber Driver’s Car

#45 Laughing Too Hard