40 Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever

Every now and then, a photo so ambiguous emerges, it’s just begging to be featured on the subreddit r/photoshopbattles. From the President of France celebrating a football match to a sleepy 2-year-old,  has compiled a list of before-and-after pictures from the wackiest PS battles on Reddit, proving that a good photo editor is nothing compared to a collective troll army. At least in terms of creativity. So scroll down, enjoy the submissions, and upvote your favorites!


Man Holding Fish While Bear Stands Behind Him

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s how a Photoshop battle works: redditors (Reddit users) upload unedited pictures to the subreddit and its subscribers are encouraged to edit the images in any way they want and submit the artwork in the comments section where they are voted on by the community. The more votes a particular artwork generates, the higher in the section it is displayed, and the one that receives the most points “wins” the battle.


This Cunning Duckling

Currently, the time-sensitive and competitive /r/photoshopbattles is the 31st biggest subreddit with over 15M subscribers. On average, 111 posts appear on it every day, receiving 310 comments during their first 24 hours. One time, a picture of Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg pouring coffee sparked a Photoshop battle. Redditors used the photo to put Solberg in Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Game of Thrones, among many other scenarios. It escalated up to a point where the politician herself noticed what was going on and acknowledged the competition. “I realize that with the facial expression I have there, it can be tempting to use the picture in other contexts,” Solberg told VGTV.”


These Micro-Mushrooms On A Leaf


This Tree That Was Struck By Lightning


This Dad And Son Cat


A Hawk Staring At The Camera


This Mount Fuji, Japan – Pink Valley


This Fishing Leopard


Dog In Shoes Leading The Way


This Smirking Dog


Angry Baby


Cat Beard


Pringles Ringle


Golden Retriever Who Played In Freshly Mowed Lawn


This “Captain Canada” Cosplay


This Pissed Cat


This Cute Retriever’s Face Perfectly Centered Behind A Decorative Cast Iron Fence


Keanu Reeves Running From This Paparazzi After Stealing His Camera


Police Dog With $10m In Confiscated Weed


Flower Cat


This Impala With A Spider Between Its Antler


Fire Fighter In Front Of Californian Wildfires


Porcupine Walking On Its Hind Legs


Hedgehog In A Field Of Daisies


This Security Guard Eagerly Chasing A Streaking Swimsuit Model


This Big Dog In A Sink


Kitten In Midair


This Dude And His Jacket


Puppy In A Shopping Cart


Trump Sandwich.


Goat Sitting On A House


Dog With Melon Helmet!


This Man’s Haircut


Monkey Getting A Banana


This Dog Wearing A Helmet And Tag That Reads Snuffles


Leslie And Kit


French President Celebrating


This Shaved Husky