40 Times People Realized Theyre Living With A Monster And Just Had To Share The Evidence

If you like things tidy, living with other people is hard. You have to maneuver through their dirty clothes, go on a scavenger hunt every time you need a clean plate, and work part-time as a garbage collector. But if you’re unlucky enough, you might move in with an individual that’s impossible to live with. No matter if you’re high-maintenance or chill as a goldfish. The Internet calls these creatures ‘monsters’. And rightfully so. Who else could keep a potato in their cupboard so long that it starts sprouting? Or leave so much hair on the wall of a shower that you could make a wig out of it? We have compiled a list of pictures that show what it’s like to live with a monster so scroll down, check out their insane living habits, and upvote your (least) favorite ones!


The Way My Wife Opens Things

While cheesy sitcoms may have convinced you that living with roommates is the best, truth is, there’s much more to it. When you are sharing your space with someone else, everyday life is full of conflicts, compromises, and setting boundaries. There are, however, things you can do to make it easier for everyone involved.


My Housemate Still Hasn’t Got Rid Of His Pumpkin From Halloween

Clear Communication from the get-go. Even though this is one of the most important tips for any relationship, it’s vital for all roommates. You’ll be spending a lot of time with each other, and you’ll need to respect each other’s needs and preferences. Ask yourself what you know about yourself already and what you expect from the person that’s living with you. Maybe you like to blast music while you study, maybe you need some peace and quiet before you go to sleep, it doesn’t matter, just figure it out and communicate these needs and expectations as soon as possible.


My Wife Hung A Nice Picture And A Small Shelf While I Was On Duty. Now My Eye Is Twitching

Solve problems immediately. The best way to go about it is to tackle them while they’re still small. Is your roommate borrowing your stuff without asking? Or maybe they’re constantly leaving a mess behind them? Address issues as soon as you notice them and it will be easier to talk about them in a calm and friendly manner.


My Wife Never Finishes A Bottle Of Shampoo Or Body Wash Before Buying A New Kind And Leaving The Old Ones

Be respectful when you’re thinking about inviting people over. Even if you’re an extroverted socialite who thrives among other people, your roommate prefers spending time alone. Bringing a group of friends to your home may be disrupting, considering it’s their home as well. Talk to your roommate again, inform them about your socialization needs and make sure you don’t overstep any boundaries.


My Roommate’s Toothbrush

It’s okay if you and your roommate aren’t best friends. Try to be pleasant and friendly to your roommate, but respect each other’s personal space. There’s no need to force a close relationship, doing so might cause strain and discomfort for both of you. Go on with your life and if you connect, you connect, and if you don’t, at least you get along.


Damn 3-Year-Olds


My Roommate And I Own Only Two Pots. When He Cooks, He Stores The Leftovers In The Fridge In The Pots, Instead Of Putting Them In Containers


I Lost A Loved One Today. I’m Not Sure Which One Yet, But Whoever Cuts Cheese Cake Like This Is Dead To Me


Why I Keep A Secret Tube Of Toothpaste From My Wife And Children


I’m Starting A Fight With My Wife


My Wife Likes To Put Her Food And Drinks On Electronics


My Side Of The Room vs. My Roommate’s Side


My Flatmate Isn’t The Biggest Fan Of Hygiene. This Festive Potato Managed To Grow In His Cupboard


What Kind Of Person Leaves This In The Freezer


“Flatmate Made Pasta, Then Left For A Vacation.” (I Sort Of Want To Cuddle It)


My Wife Leaves Hair Stuck To The Shower Wall


My Wife Is A Monster


Holiday With New Boyfriend – He Opens Bread Like This


My Wife Never Fully Screws The Lids Back Onto Anything


The Way My Housemate Tidied These Shoes


My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, Everyone


I Thought I Was The Only One Whose Flatmates Were Growing Potato Monsters. This One Was Growing For A Year And I Discovered It The Weekend I Moved In


My Wife’s Nightstand


My Roommate Leaves Her Cat’s Litter Box Scoop In Our Kitchen Sink


My Roommates Seem To Forget This Exists


My Wife Thinks It Is OK To Mix M&M’s With Skittles


How My Boyfriend Stores His Cords


I Live With A Monster. This Happens Every Single Time I Get Back Home After Being Away With Work For 2 Weeks


My Roommate Puts The Empty Milk Containers Back Into The Fridge


The Way My Wife Leaves The Egg Shells In The Carton Instead Of Throwing Them Into The Trash


I’ve Been Stuck In My Room Sick For 4 Days Trying To Not Give My Roommate And His Girlfriend What I Have. They’ve Just Been Letting The Dishes Build Up This Whole Time


My Boyfriend Doesn’t Throw Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Instead, the top of the toilet becomes his garbage display area. I take out the garbage regularly, but I wanted to see how long this would go on for – it’s been 2 weeks.


My Wife Is A Monster


My Wife Always Opens The Microwave Before It Ends And Leaves It Like This, So I Always Have To Cancel Before Setting My Heating Time


So My Roommate Used My Tin Foil


How My Parents Store Their DVDs


When My Roommates Take Out The Trash, They Don’t Put A New Lining And Throw Trash In The Can Anyway


My Girlfriend Opens New Water Bottles Without Finishing The Others First. Send Help, Please