31 Joker Facts That Make The Movie Even More Interesting

This past week, the internet has done little else but talk about the new Joker movie that has hit silver screens worldwide. Some think it’s the movie of the decade. Some think it’s so insensitive it should be banned. And some embraced the spirit of Joker’s character, grabbed a bag of popcorn, and enjoyed the ensuing chaos and fights over the movie.

Whatever your opinion about the movie, you can’t deny that it’s certainly captured everybody’s attention and created a discussion about villains, society, violence, and freedom of speech in filmdom. We’ve collected the most interesting facts about the Joker movie, so scroll down, feast your eyes, and upvote your favorites. Share these facts with your friends and leave a comment with your thoughts and feelings about the film.

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Joker’s Actor Joaquin Phoenix Based His Laugh On Videos Of People Suffering From Pathological Laughter

Phoenix also wanted to portray a character with which audiences could not identify with him.


For The Role Of Joker, Actor Joaquin Phoenix Went On Grueling A Diet And Lost 52 Pounds (23.6 Kilograms)

According to Vanity Fair, the actor worked with the same doctor who helped him lose weight for The Master, and after filming gained back 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms).


Before Filming, Director Phillips Told Joaquin Phoenix That He Envisioned Joker’s Laughter As Something That’s Almost Painful

Joaquin Phoenix would practice many different kinds of laughs and “audition” them for the director at his own request.

Film critic, YouTuber, and podcaster Mckinney from the United Kingdom agreed to talk to Bored Panda about Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of perhaps the most infamous supervillain — Joker.

Bored Panda asked Mckinney to share his opinion about what it is exactly that makes Joker an impactful, memorable, and powerful movie.

“I think what makes Joker such a powerful film is the idea that this is someone who exists in our society,” the British film critic exclaimed. “Everyday we see people who need help and guidance and yet we just ignore them, and it is that ignorance that can cause them to spiral.”


Joaquin Phoenix And The Late Heath Ledger Were Good Friends

Ledger won an Oscar for his portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008).


The Bathroom Dance Was Improvised On The Spot By Joaquin Phoenix


Joker Cracked Imdb’s ‘Top 10 Highest-Rated Movies Of All Time’ List

2019’s ‘Joker’ is currently sitting in the No. 10 slot behind other classic titles such as ‘The Shawshank Redemption,’ ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and the first two ‘The Godfather’ movies.

Furthermore, Mckinney shared his thoughts about why the film is seen by some as extremely controversial.

“I think Joker is being seen as controversial due to how mainstream it is. If this was a movie about just a random, original character, I don’t think people would be talking about it,” Mckinney said.


There Are At Least 3 Different Laughs The Joker Does: The ‘Affliction’ Laugh, The ‘One Of The Guys Laugh, And The ‘Authentic Joy’ Laugh At The End


When Preparing For The Role, Phoenix Studied The Movements Of Iconic Silent Film Stars Like Buster Keaton And Ray Bolger


The Movie Is Based In 1981 Which Was Done Deliberately

According to director Todd Phillips, this was done to keep the movie away from the current events in the DC Extended Universe.

He continued: “Especially when we have had the Aurora cinema shooting in the US for The Dark Knight Rises, I think people feared a repeat of that scenario.” The film critic had in mind the 2012 shooting that left 12 people dead and another 70 injured, 58 of them from gunfire.

“To the critics of Joker, I’d have to say I agree mostly. While I think the film does lack in its script and sometimes has odd music choices, I think the film is extremely well made and wonderfully acted,” Mckinney exclaimed.

“I’d give Joker an 8.5/10,” he added. What about you, Dear Readers? What score would you give Joker? What do you think about the controversies surrounding the movie? Let us know!


The Movie Got An 8-Minute-Long Standing Ovation At Its Premiere At The Venice Film Festival


Todd Phillips Became Increasingly Annoyed By The Paparazzi Taking Grainy Photos From Whatever Long-Distance Angle They Could

He decided to put out several high-quality photos himself


The Silent Film ‘The Man Who Laughs’ Was Also Another Major Influence On The New Joker Movie


Joker Stairs Is Now A Thing On Google Maps And Fans Put It Into The ‘Religious Destination’ Category

You can see the stairs by going here.


Many Past Actors Went To Dark Places Irl To Play The Role Of The Joker, But Phoenix Says He Didn’t Have That Experience


The Way Joaquin Phoenix Runs In The Movie Was Also A Very Specific Way Of Character Building, It Was Even Called “Arthur’s Run”


The Film’s Storyline, Following A Failed Stand-Up Comedian, Came From The Famous ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Graphic Novel


Arthur’s Clown Makeup Was Purposefully Made To Look “Antique” — His Lips Were Made A Reddish-Brown To Resemble Blood

According to the head of makeup, Nicki Ledermann, “even his slanted smile is a metaphor that everything is not perfect. Maybe it’s funny — maybe it’s not.”


Arthur Fleck’s, Aka Joker’s, Role Was Made With Joaquin Phoenix In Mind

Phoenix Joaquin received the movie script in late 2017. Even his mother had a say in his decision of signing on with the massive project.


In Real Life, Arkham State Hospital Is The Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex Building


Robert De Niro Is Phoenix’s Favorite American Actor, However, The Two Hardly Talked On Set

This was partly because both actors have very similar acting methods.


Director Phillips Actually Asked Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir To Start Writing Music Off The Script, Which Is Not Normally Done In Movies


Joaquin Phoenix Said That He Didn’t Refer To Any Past Iterations Of Joker’s Character When Developing His Role

He explained his decision at the Venice Film Festival press conference: “It was just something that felt like our creation, and that’s what was really important for me.”

According to the film director, Todd Phillips, Zazie Beets’ character Sophie got the most “messed” with between writing and actually shooting.

He complimented Beets, saying she was amazing and “so down for that kind of improvisation, it never phased her, she was enthusiastic about the changes, she helped with dialogue for her character, it was a beautiful collaboration.”


The Joker Staircase Is Located In The Bronx At W 167th St, Between Anderson And Shakespeare Ave

You can check out the staircase right here.


In Fact, There Was A Little Awkward Tension Between The De Niro And Phoenix

This was because De Niro insisted the whole cast do a read-through before filming his scenes, while Phoenix did not want to do any read-throughs at all. Fortunately, despite their opposite positions, they finally came to a friendly agreement and worked it all out.


The Hudson County Superior Court In Jersey City Became The Wayne Hall For The Movie


The Shot Of Arthur Fleck Being Beaten Down Was Intended, Planned And Made To Looked Like From A Graphic Novel


Pornhub Reveals That There Have Been 741,000 Searches For ‘Joker’ Since The Movie’s Release At The Start Of October 2019


The Joker Title Was Firstly Shot On Film And Then It Was ‘Filmed Out And Put Back On The Digital Again’, As The Movie’s Director Says. It Was Done To Achieve Grainy And Oldschool Look


After Watching The Behind-The-Scenes Footage, You Can Tell That Some Scenes Were Deleted From The Movie

You can see the full video with the deleted scenes right here.


A Lot Of the Late ’70s And Early ’80s “Character Study” Films Served As Major Influences On The Film And You Can See Many Visual Similarities