30 People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online (New Pics)

Online shopping is super convenient, a whole world of products and services to choose from that will get delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button. However, there is, of course, a price to pay for all this convenience.

Firstly, you don’t get to physically touch, smell, and judge the true dimensions of a product like you would in a shop. This can lead to all kinds of misunderstandings, particularly if you are dealing with some unscrupulous companies from less regulated countries.

Then there is the waiting. It could get stuck in customs, the wrong product could’ve been sent by mistake, it might get broken in transit. It could end up being an awfully long time between you clicking ‘buy’ and actually receiving a satisfactory product in your hand! However, these are the risks we take for a bargain, and not having to drag around town looking for something in a shop. We here have compiled a list of times when online shopping went hilariously wrong, as a kind of cautionary tale.

#1 This Patch I Ordered Off Amazon…

Of course on rare occasions, it can go the other way, and you can receive something even better than what you expected. I know which badge I’d prefer in this case! Sometimes the world makes us all want to pack up and leave

#2 Royal Quality

This is amazing on so many levels; from the spelling mistake to the artists’ impression of the Royal couple. Although some might say, it’s actually pretty accurate! Either way, this is definitely a collector’s item.

#3 My Grandpa’s Neighbor Ordered An Inflatable Santa Online… They Sent Him The Wrong Size

This guy then floated it up and put it in front of his house in Brooklyn. It surely makes for an impressive Christmas decoration!

#4 My Wife Ordered A Backpack From Amazon To Use As A Carry On. Cat For Scale

This cat looks quite happy with the situation, it’s now the proud owner of a brand new catpack. Now it looks ready to set off on an exciting adventure of self-discovery. Where first? Purr-is? Meow York?

#5 Might Be Wrong Though

Mixups do happen! Photo evidence works a treat this time, as Dylan Evans discovered hilariously. Gotta say it does rather suit him though


#6 Photo Evidence Of Earrings That Never Arrived

How do you provide photo evidence of something that’s not there? This Twitter user ordered some earrings on the popular Chinese online retailer AliExpress, and they just didn’t show up. It’s probably happened to you too at one point, hasn’t it? Usually, the company will find the problem and make sure the product gets to you ASAP, but not this time. They wanted to be sure they weren’t being tricked. “Show us that you don’t have the earrings,” they demanded. WTF?? This is Iris’ cheeky attempt to comply.

#7 My Friend Bought This Costume Online And I’ve Been Laughing All Day

Deadpool, is that you? This costume is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party, although maybe not for all the right reasons…This looks more like the dimwitted lovechild of Deadpool and spiderman

#8 Ordered A Russian Patch For My New Jacket… Got A Pride Flag

Some masterful trolling going on here, considering Russia’s ‘reputation’ on LBGT rights. Somebody wanted to make a statement, and they succeeded!

#9 Love My New Yeezys

Kanye West’s laughably overpriced and deeply ugly ‘fashion’ pieces are funny enough anyway, so it’s hard to feel much sympathy for anyone who shells out hundreds of bucks for them. But when they arrive looking like oven-mitts for the feet… Yeah Nah still no sympathy here.

#10 Never Buy A Cat Tree From Amazon

Although the structural integrity of the cat tree might be lacking, kitty seems to be enjoying it nonetheless!

#11 From A French Airbnb Alternative

It’s all about perspective. Like any business, people on Airbnb want to show what they have from its very best side, even if that means that the reality doesn’t always match up to expectations…You gotta give them 5 stars for trying though!

#12 Incredible Unicorn Calendar From Amazon

So far, this gem has a 1-star rating on Amazon and judging by the reviews, it doesn’t look like it’s going to rise anytime soon. Buyers are complaining that “the photos inside are not at all like the cover.” They are line and stick drawings, not mythical scenes. But I guess that’s why they wouldn’t allow clients to preview the contents.

#13 Hopes Were Crushed

Mistake number 1: Ponchos for guys are never cool, unless you are deep in the Andes, sipping mate and herding llamas with the locals.

Mistake number 2: Ordering anything online and expecting to look as effortlessly stylish as the model. Not gonna happen, Friar Tuck!

#14 I Didn’t Expect It To Look Like Pig Feet

Pigmaid? Merpig? Instead of Netflix and chill looking like a sultry siren of the sea, your dainty trotters and snout in the popcorn could give a different impression entirely. It’s not even the same material ffs..

#15 When Your Dress You Ordered Looks Exactly Like The Pic Online

Of course there are also companies that won’t even make the effort to deceive, but will flat-out rip you off instead. Getting your ass of the couch and going to an actual shop to purchase your clothes suddenly seems much more appealing!

#16 What You Order Vs What You Get

What’s 50 inches long, 35 inches high, and looks like a body bag? Your new $40 couch, that’s what!

#17 Thanks Walmart, For My New Rug

Read the description carefully! Some asshole companies are intentionally misleading, anyone could be forgiven for thinking this chair cover is a rug. Unless those slippers belong to Barbie or something…

#18 I’ve Actually Been Trolled By China. I Ordered The One On The Left From AliExpress And The One On The Right Turned Up

Ok, the good thing is that the seller accepts returns “if the product is not as described.” The bad thing is that the buyer has to pay the return shipping fee. But why either of these products was ever conceived of and manufactured, we’ll never know.

#19 I Ordered These Boots On Sale From Aldo.Com For 50% Off. I Received One Shoe

Pretty sure this woman is not Cinderella that would be comfortable walking around with just one shoe. Maybe that’s why they were 50% off?

#20 The Bear Mask My Friend Ordered Vs The Nightmare Fuel He Received

Halloween can be a stressful time: choosing the costume, ordering it, trying it on. And what if they send you the last thing you’ve expected? Apparently, the owners’ dog found it so distasteful that he stole it off the table and shredded it. So this guy is back to square one with his Halloween costume!


#21 What I Ordered Vs. What Was Delivered? I Paid $135 For This Mess…

It’s hard to believe these aren’t before and after photos from an episode of Nailed It!

This woman actually ordered a cake for her sisters baby shower. “Five minutes before the shower started this monstrosity showed up. I was shocked. I had to leave the shower to go to the grocery store and get a sheet cake. The worst part was when I contacted the caterer and they didn’t want to refund my money because “it was servible/edible.” !

#22 My Little Sister Ordered A Blanket Online

After the seller tweeted this $40 chunk of a blanket, people immediately started suggesting ideas for using it. Someone thought it might be a good potholder, while others even saw it as a barrister’s wig. However, maybe the model in the pic was just really, really tiny?

#23 I Wish I Was Making This Up

Yeah, starships are cool but are you sure you don’t want to join another crew?

The guy who ordered it said it came via Royal Mail, what a betrayal!

#24 Wife Thought The Skillet Would Be A Little Bigger

This guy’s wife thought she got a great ‘lightning’ deal for a skillet on Amazon paying just $5. After arrival, though, they discovered this was a pan only suitable for a Barbie.

And what is in that pic, cherry tomato, and a lizard egg? Cooking dinner in this tiny skillet is certainly one way to keep the calories down!

#25 Toy Gun For A Toy

It might be hard to size up your opponent with this tiny gun, but like they always say size doesn’t matter right?

#26 Some Boots From Amazon

From the people that brought you Guccy, Louis Button, Ill-tempered birds, and the Sony Playstation, here are an authentic pair of ‘Wulf’ boots!

Note: If it seems to good to be true, it most definitely, definitely is.

#27 When Amazon Only Delivers Half Of Your Kayak

He was ready for some raging waters, but it looks like the delivery process already did some damage…

Apparently, each half shipped from different states. So maybe he’ll get to enjoy his kayak eventually…

#28 I Ordered A Smart Light Bulb And Got A Chrome Fidget Spinner In A Light Bulb Box

The review he left on Amazon was spot on:

“I ordered this item on a cold Sunday night and was pleasantly surprised on Monday morning when a package arrived with my name on it. I eagerly opened my Amazon package, giddy with the promise of 120 colors to brighten up my bedroom, and when I found a light bulb sized box emblazoned with the words “Smart RGBW Bulb” I was delighted, all was going to plan.

However, my hopes of multi-colored illumination came crashing down, I was shocked. I felt as if the 265 volts that were meant to be running through my smart light bulb were running through me. To my dismay, and with a growing feeling of confusion, I realized I was not the proud owner of a WIFI Smart Bulb, I was instead the bewildered owner of a chrome fidget spinner, fidget spinner case, and a small screwdriver (despite there seeming to be no screw head on the spinner).

Now, with my tail between my legs, and Hermes en route to collect my fidget spinner, I am forced to endure additional nights of bland, colorless light.

I have many questions, where is my bulb? Why did a fidget spinner come in a light bulb box? Why is this available on prime? Who hired someone who can confuse a light bulb and a fidget spinner, and how dark must their house be? All questions I doubt I will ever get answers to.

I’m summary, order a different light bulb. Unless you want a fidget spinner, then this is the light bulb for you.”

#29 Ordering Blanket Online

When you’re ordering from Wish ironically you don’t always get what you wished for.

This guy saw the perfect blanket that looked both luxurious and comfy and got a napkin instead. Hopefully, he has a dog or a cat or maybe a hamster that this could be useful for!

#30 Amazon Misunderstanding