30 Completely Delusional and Funny People On Internet Marketplaces

Have you ever wanted to buy a nativity scene that’s badly carved into a potato? Or a jug of cat’s milk? Let’s be realistic, you probably didn’t even know these things exist. But in case you did, we know exactly where to find them – the internet marketplace. There’s just something peculiar about people selling things on the internet and our best bet is that some of them are a little bit delusional. To no one’s surprise, there are 162k people on a subreddit called r/delusionalcraiglist who wholeheartedly agree as they probably have seen it all already.

In this popular subreddit, people share their worst encounters with sellers who wanted to make a quick buck so bad that they probably sold their better judgment to the highest bidder, too. From awkwardly shaped Cheetos to extremely rare air, everything could be yours for a ridiculously high price. Intrigued? Scroll below for the whole list of completely delusional internet marketplace adds!


No Pets


Bring A Chain Saw…


How Soon Can I Move In?


Ah Yes, Air..


A Quadruple Peanut!


Tinkerbell Or Joan Rivers?


The Next Winner Of Last Cake Standing Right Here


Facebook Marketplace Posting!


Are U Kidding $6!!


But It’s Vintage!!


My Wife Was Very Excited To Find Something To Share…


I Honestly Had No Idea How To Respond. Nearly 9 Months Later And They’re Still For Sale (No Surprise)


Just Needs A New Screen!


Found This On The Gram


.45 Cheeto


We Banned Single Use Plastic Bags This Time Last Year


Crocodeal Or No Deal


Burritos For Sale..


What A Steal. Oh Wait…


May The Rain Wash The Warts Away


Let’s Sell This Dress For More Than I Paid, Or Better Yet Rent It For That Price!




For Those That Are Already Planning Christmas Decorations…the Price Is Actually Pretty Fair!


Might Not Be Delusional, He Might Know Exactly What He’s Doing


By This Logic You Could Sell Anything


Is There A Hobby Or Something I’m Unaware Of?






These Oreos You Can Get At The Drugstore For $5